Connecting and playing with others question

Sort of an odd question, and more of a call for advice... but how do you go about connecting with other people in the game?

Going bashing is incredibly isolative (if I'm lucky people won't be where I'm at doing the cycles I'm doing).

The next part I have ahead of me (just joined the game again) is the House tasks, which does include a mentor and work to learn combat. 

Right now, I'm basically bashing when I can't invest much mental energy, reading scrolls to learn things and remember all I've forgotten.

BUT I still don't know how to connect with other people and play with them outside of being pulled into some group conflict and have no idea what I'm doing. I've been in this game since 2004 and never really understood how to connect with others and be part of the community in the game.

Can you please help me understand that?
I thank you in advance.


  • It can be weird how isolating it can be at times. It seems like everyone's already formed their cliques and there isn't much room for new people.

    I can tell you though, based on my experiences, that that's not true at all. On Jacen and several alts in several cities, I've been welcomed and had good conversations with many people.

    Try to be visible. Welcome people on CT and HNT, hang out at the popular spot in your city and engage with the random conversations that happen there. Ask questions, whether they be about current events, city/house lore, god lore, etc. Forays are new to me, but also seem like a good opportunity to get more aquainted with people. If you cross someone's path while bashing, attempt a conversation - it probably won't go anywhere, but I've had a few good conversations that way, and it's a good way to develop a connection with people outside your city.
  • I'm pretty sure I have seen your name around Mhaldor, so I'll echo Jacen but keep in mind the weirdness that is being a slave. 

    You can't use CT, but the MCI is free game.Its there so you can address everyone, ask if people want to join, or even just say hi.  It cam be intimidating, but honestly most of us love interacting. Even if we come off as standoffish or a bit abrasive, many will open up once you start interacting. It can be hard to gauge if a new person wants to on either end.

    Your best bet is to walk up to one of the spots west or east of the gates or stygian, and just greet the people there. Usually the ones that greet back are open for some rp. Legate stuff and Evil can be great openers, or asking to go bashing with you. Some of us just suck at talking over channels, myself a prime example.

    TLDR: don't let rank or quiet cities stop you. Involve yourself actively with others,  and things open up once people know you're not just there because you have to be.

    I'll keep an eye out for you!
  • Thanks for the advice and feedback. Much appreciated! I'll take it to heart and work on it. 
  • ColganoColgano Nebraska
    Drauko said:
    Sort of an odd question, and more of a call for advice... but how do you go about connecting with other people in the game?

    At the risk of giving the obligatory 'Leave Mhaldor' advice, I will say most places do at least try to engage their novices and give them whatever help they can. Having experienced both very active Culture ministries, as well as nearly non-existent ones over the years, I can state that it definitely impacts the novice experience and overall vibe of whatever city you happen to be a part of. 

    That said, you may simply have to loiter in places with higher traffic and just put yourself out there. You'd be surprised how receptive SOME folks are to a good conversation or adventure. 

    Sorry for the mostly vague and unhelpful advice, but that's just my take on specifically connecting with your fellow players.
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