What has changed in the last 2 years?


I'm thinking about returning to the game after 2 years. What has changed since then of note? I'm trying to decide on Jester or Apostate, likely kill off all alts and only play one character. 

I want to dive more into the interactive story part of the game. Not really terribly excited about PvP though, but I get conflict drives roleplay in a lot of good ways. 

Just curious what's changed before I get things all set up again after a long sleep. 



  • I just recently returned as well and I can tell you this, the game is easier to play and things are more streamlined. The RP is still rock solid and all kinds of cool stuff has happened since I came back.  If your not great at coding stuff, then you will really love that there is Server-side curing automatically installed and it just needs a bit of tweaking to get it running optimally enough to bash just about anything, maybe some light combat is possible with a bit of light coding. The old guilds are gone and a certain city might have sunk into the sea.  I'd say jump back in, I'm having enough fun I haven't turned Steam or my PS4 on in over a month.
  • Thanks. I am just trying to decide on apostate or jester, I love them both but can't spend the time on two characters. 
  • I think they are both around even bashing wise and combat wise, someone more knowledgeable would have to comment on that.  I'd let the lore decide for you though, apostates is evil and all that, which is going to be a stark difference in roleplay environment compared to Jester I would imagine.
  • If you're not trying to min/max for combat or bashing, pick whatever you like the most or will keep you engaged. With apostates you must be in the city of Mhaldor, with jesters you can be in any city, so maybe figure out which city you find interesting stylistically and choose based off that.
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