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Priest Combat

EstinienEstinien Member Posts: 4
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So I am a new Priest and being that I work graveyards I don’t have a lot of people online when I am around except for my days off when I can log in earlier. That being said, I thought I would turn to the forums for some advice. What is the gist of Priest combat? From the looks of things I am trying to lower their mana by pressuring afflictions to absolve? Not sure how close that is, any tips are greatly appreciated. 

P.S. Targossas has been awesome <3


  • IssamIssam Member, Secret Squirrel Posts: 211 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Check out CLAN DAWNGUARD HELP PRIEST in game. You're not too far off in your perception, it's more that you're trying to build as many afflictions as possible in order to sap their mana and absolve them in quick succession. Sap basically takes a snapshot of someone's affs and rewards you with a mana drain based on how many there are and which ones.

  • TelinusTelinus Member Posts: 328 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
    Hey figured I'd answer a few questions about this, but honestly best resource is to speak with some Targossians.

    Tesha/Issam/Archaeon/Armitage stand out in my mind as understanding priest and I believe Seragorn has picked it up.

    The options I've seen are really Mana drain and Lock pressure.

    You can actively work towards both in a sense, because your keystone affliction with chasten mind is impatience. This means that you can stick mental afflictions under guilt into lock pressure.

    I'd advise working on getting use to sticking guilt and then utilising inquisition + spiritburn (gives you more mana drain/health damage) at first, then work on burying mental afflictions behind this to pressure mana path. Get in the habbit of using rebukes whenever you get the chance, then work in wrath with this.

    Once you get used to utilising this path, pair it with limb breaks - getting your opponent prone or with a broken limb really increases mana pressure.

    Once you get used to sticking guilt + another zeal affliction (such as spiritburn or tenderskin) you can then start to snowball mana drain by using inquisition (20s timer) in to a limb break and some mental afflictions to hit with a large mana sap utilising Wrath + Sap in one ( I think you can pair rebuke with this as well?).

    Utilise chasten body to stick a few physical afflictions on your opponent and bury asthma, and you can really pressure someone by forcing a choice of cure asthma and keep guilt + tenderskin or cure guilt and get hit with hellsight - this can let you push for even more mental afflictions and mana drain, allowing you to pressure guilt again and snowball.

    Just some tips to starting out I guess, but practice makes perfect and the class becomes really powerful when you get used to breaking limbs with this to keep people prone + hit their mana hard.

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