Heads-Up: Curtailing an Addiction

If there is one thing you guys should know about me, it's that I'm dangerously close to becoming addicted to video games. It isn't harming my life yet, but every free moment I get I spend on virtual worlds or napping.

So I'm going to put a plan in place for myself. I'll limit my gaming time and spend more time on more productive and healthy things, like learning to code and reading. And learning in general.

What exactly does this mean for Achaea? I will be spending little time on it. Sure, throughout the day I'll be on and off. But I will rarely be on long enough to participate in a group activity, like a raid or foray, without being interrupted by my set limits, if at all.

So to summarize, I'll be limiting my time in the realms to prevent a dangerous addiction. No raids, no forays. They will be rare for me if they ever occur.

Stay safe and healthy out there.


  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol
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    Ah, quite a similar boat I'm in myself @Tlahtoani
    Played so much, I'd look up and be like, "What time is it? When did I last eat? DID I eat today?" Especially since Achaea clicks directly with how I think, it made it especially enchanting. To the point some around me said it seemed like I wished Achaea was real, and preferred that world over the real one with them.
    Thus, curbing play. Quite a bit.
  • I hope both you @Ryssa and you @Tlahtoani find peace, comfort, and balance in time. <3
  • Minifie said:
    Definitely don't suggest any game with uncapped MTX+gambling mechanics for anyone with addictive tendencies. Good to pull back and try to curtail those issues.

    I feel personally attacked.
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