I'm interested in returning with a Bard character and try to bash my way to dragon! I'm also interested in getting involved in combat once I'm strong enough (either after 80 or 90?).

I was wondering if anyone could suggest to me where to focus my efforts first? I understand you would need a CON spec for optimal bashing to Dragon, but a STR one for combat?

I could keep my free trait/race reset for the point where I reach high enough level to do that, so any idea on which races complement the bashing and combat respectively?

I'll have about 2K credits to start with using retirement and some initial purchases so appart from a SoA, any other suggestions on what to focus primarily for bashing?

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read and reply to this, I'd appreciate some help as I really want to become a dragon one day and enjoy the best of RP and political controversy the game has to offer! :sweat_smile:


  • 1. Go constitution for Bard, especially if you can't afford to fully kit yourself out. Best races for bard would be Dwarf/Tash'la/Horkval, with Xoran and Human as honorable mentions. Xoran is good for strength and decent at anything non-Serpent, Human gets a slight crit bonus. For traits, Nimble/Robust/Lucky.

    2. Trans Swashbuckling, Voicecraft and Avoidance, then get an SoA. Harmonics are nice for big things, but you don't get Dragon by being risky, you get it by killing a lot of things.

    3. After 2, figure out how much you have leftover to spend. Bracelets/con belt/health sip/artie rapier/crit pendant are your best bets. Unless you are crazy/already artied, survivability > killing speed, until you start hunting things where killing them really quickly is how you survive and bashing to dragon isn't that.
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