Nexus: keybind to open/close boxes

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Is there any way we can set an alias or a keybind to open/close a certain box in the Nexus client?
For example: Ctrl+I will open the Inventory box; Ctrl+M will open/close the Map box, etc.
Thanks in advance


  • I just learned we can handle the page javascript and CSS in any script that we write within Nexus. So this topic is solved!

    1) Create a new keybind inside Nexus settings and set it to Ctrl+B
    2) Go to the developer inspector in your browser (likely F12), and find the id of the box you want to hide/show. Mine is floater_75 for the Inventory.
    3) Write the following line as a script for the keybind in Nexus:


    Done! :)

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