Mesmer - Serpent: Hypnosis Queue

IsaiahIsaiah Georgia
I give you Mesmer.

A serpent hypnosis queue that removes the need for the loads of aliases you may, or may not, have. This is WILL NOT automate your hypnosis during combat, but it will make hypnosis a lot easier by passing it through a queue. You can add afflictions to the queue individually, in groups, or in customizable sets. Mesmer also allows you to queue actions. It should be super straight forward, and I will be doing my best to support and update it.

Please look at the READ ME documentation once you install the package and let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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  • This is a great idea and will definitely speed things up for me.
    I downloaded it and am currently playing with it, however the queue doesn't seem to actually be going anywhere. I've queued up clumsiness and impatience just for testing, however it's not actually pushing the suggestions from the queue to my target.
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