So, I'm thinking of buying quite a few globes. But seeing as I've always hated these gambling promotions, I'm skeptical, and don't want to be out $230 for nothing.

For those of you who have purchased globes, what kind of return value did you get? Was it worth it to you?
Give us -real- shop logs! Not another misinterpretation of features we ask for, turned into something that either doesn't help at all, or doesn't remotely resemble what we wanted to begin with.


Current position of some of the playerbase, instead of expressing a desire to fix problems:

Vhaynna: "Honest question - if you don't like Achaea or the current admin, why do you even bother playing?"


  • Bought 30 globes ($140 roughly). Got a bit over 600 credits total, could have easily got more if I sold caches instead of opening them (or if they opened for something better).
    Haven't used the ~25-odd humgii racing tickets I got.

    I'll never consider spending money on these games to be 'worth it' per se. But in terms of monetary value vs straight credits, sure I guess it was worth it.
  • Bought 10 globes. Opened the caches and got one of the suremekh'neina pieces, some other pieces that I managed to sell for a decent profit, and Mayan Crowns so I came out on top for sure.
  • If you can't get the reincarnation/trait reset kind of things the value of them goes up a fair bit I hear too.
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    I got 5 globes, only opened 2 first.

    Got a card (Lordan AGAIN, traded in for 35cr) and a artie discount voucher. I kinda wish they'd stop giving the vouchers. I don't really need them and I always forget I have them so I'm sitting on like 4 now. =|

  • You can stack the vouchers. I'd prefer if discount/upgrade ones were combined into a single one. I got a bunch of upgrade ones when I have no artifacts that can actually be upgraded.
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    I got 2 groups of 50 because I honestly felt like a) admin deserve some good news (profits to report to their overlord) after dealing with everyone's shit for the last 2 months...  and b) I bought my wife a stupidly expensive Amish-made reclaimed barnwood dining table and the 8 chairs that cost more than said table!, and didn't get so much as a handy out of it so I might as well buy and try my luck.

    Give me a few and I'll compose the stats on each group of 50

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    First 50 globes:

    Credits:     537
    Gold sov:   113,400
    Vials:        50
    Plants:  181 lobelia, 295 ginseng, 247 goldenseal, 205 bloodroot, 212 sileris
    Comms:     50 rope, 110 coal, 130 wood, 80 steel, 130 cloth

    (2) Dragonskin quiver (returned for 132cr),
    (2) bloodstained shards (sold for 50cr)
    8 Card decks redeemed for 35cr each because they opened for absolute horseshit that I've already gotten like... 100 times each. I did sell two for 60cr each though.
    60 arti upgrade credits, 2 arti discount vouchers, 100 customization credits (sellable for 50cr)
    3 Mayan Crowns,
    1 box of wooden parts
    (9) talisman caches

    I opened the talismans because I'm trying to get a few more RACES ones completed.
    Net total right off the bat was roughly 1049cr worth of items.
    If I sell the Mayan Crowns that jumps to about 1154cr. 
    If you include the almost-useless-to-me arti upgrade/custom/discount ones it is up to 1264cr+

    Obviously the caches COULD have sold for 40cr (quick sale) each making the potential much higher, and I was able to complete more than one of a couple talismans with it and sell them for over 60cr each so technically I got 120cr+ out of that and a couple trades for other things I wanted so...

    All in all, not terrible at all.  Lot of potential for making over 1500cr


    Credits:     405
    Gold sov:  119,655
    Vials:         50
    Plants:     (238) lobelia, (255) ginseng, (157) goldenseal, (234) bloodroot, (187) sileris
    Comms:        (140) rope, (150) coal, (80) wood, (50) steel, (70) cloth
    Talisman caches        16
    Decorated sleeve    14
    Humgii tickets        1
    bloodstained shard    1
    Mayan Crown        1

    Customization credits    100
    Arti upgrade credits:    30
    artifact discount vouch    1

    Unusual hourglass    2 (returned for 132cr)
    Wooden box of parts    1

    I opened the decks and got all shit EXCEPT that I was able to pull (2) MARAN cards out which was pretty damn amazing since I have been trying to get that and Seasone for over 18 months IIRC.  It should go for a pretty penny (I will assume 100cr?)

    Opened all caches for races to try and get Maya pieces... shocker, none were had.   But I did REFINE for a Maya piece which was amazing. So I got 450cr in VALUE from that as well.

    So at a minimum this group got me at least 1700cr worth of stuff/value (quick math)

  • My first set of 30 was roughly 1100 credits. Second and third were both roughly 700.

    First set I pulled an Ashaxei and Jovan, that helped inflate it.

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  • Two sets of 50, both ended up with Mayan pieces (legs, arms) and rare cards (Trixy, Matic), about 500 total bound credits from garbage cards/talisman pieces and quivers/hourglasses.

    I didn't keep track of other stuff, but if you can weed out the reincarnations/trait resets/tradeskill slots, it's probably worth it.
  • Sell me the legs?  i'll pay ya well!

  • Caelan said:
    Sell me the legs?
    I'm an asshole but I lol'd bro. <3

  • I did get salty last night because I got a Tradeskills slot increase.

    Like I use that mess 🙄

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  • My globe values were severely decreased by an inordinate amount of customisation credits I don't need, but it still came out to about the same as purchasing straight credits. 

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    opened the last three globes for 50cr, handful of riftables and 1 sleeve (unwrapped for Ama-maalier).

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