Herbs and the Arena

I'll keep this short.

As it currently stands with herbs/minerals resetting to your inventory in the arena, things like riftlock are impossible to achieve there. Would it not be better for them to reset into your rift when eaten instead of inventory or is there a specific reason for the way it is at the moment?

I realise you can still get around this by out-rifting everything but being able to practice setups like this in the place where we practice would be of great use to people learning the ins and outs of combat.



  • This has been denied four or five times before, because of speed issues.
  • RIP riftlocks.
  • Does the inrifting cause speed issues? What about an arena mode that just consumes cures/herbs/tattoos/.. but still without the experience loss part?
  • Consuming would be tricky since one of the nice features of the arena is that you do not need tons of herbs, just one of each.

    If it is a speed issue, that is a shame.

  • I still like what Rugnar suggested. Duel to the death, just without the death part.
  • Why not just... duel to the death?
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  • Certain methods are just not viable in a spar: killing ents, riftlock, etc. I don't think it's necessary to change a ton of code just to open up a few more possibilities.
  • Because some care about their precious XP, and others have RP reasons for wanting to spar and not outright kill.
  • Also training, which the arena is meant for. Had a few younger fighters where I would explain a riftlock but of course they can not practice it without really killing someone or dueling which is tricky when you are just starting out.

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    Don't get their hopes up, they can't really use rift locks outside the arena anymore, either.
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