Animal Crossing

I considered necrophilia of an old gamertag post, but this is for a specific game.

Who has the most Achaean island?

What is your SW code?

I'm SW-8251-8838-8011


  • My friend code is: SW-3617-0155-6513 Add me!! I play all kinds of stuff including Animal Crossing!
  • 1474-1798-8493 is mine.

    I'm a pretty avid Switch gamer for the past couple years.

    Currently playing a lot of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. Wouldn't mind playing some Smash, Spl2oon, or Kart with some people, too. 


  • Eh, may as well since all I do is lurk everywhere and only play on my switch (and sometimes ps4 or steam, but mostly switch)

    SW-0016-2440-6057 add me n such. Still planning out my island so it's a mess, but I may start keeping my gate open as I destroy trees or something.


  • My FC: SW-7708-1350-2225

    I mainly play Pokemon Sword and Animal Crossing. My island's a mess though. I'll add you guys if that's alright? :)
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