Differences between cities

The title says it all. What is the difference between cities?

I know that there are some classes that can be played in certain cities.
Is there certain cultures in the cities? What are they?
Could someone tell me something good about their city that is different from the others?
I'd like this thread to be something that complete newbies could take a look at and find some answers. I'm not familiar with Achaea either so I'm looking forward to this.

Thank you in advance!


  • tHiS cAn EaSiLY bE fOuNd OuT iN gAmE?!?!

    but seriously... just HELP <CITY> will get you like 90% there...
  • Thaisen said:
    tHiS cAn EaSiLY bE fOuNd OuT iN gAmE?!?!

    but seriously... just HELP <CITY> will get you like 90% there...
    Thank you for the reply. That still doesn't tell much. Sure, it's nice to know about history and it's imporant RP wise. Maybe I should have been more specific with my questions like "is there certain cultures? - Does the citizen usually raid or enjoy combat? - Does the citizens have certain habits just because they live in that certain city? - Is there something that it's good to know which is not in HELP scrolls?"
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    targossas very accurate.
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    Mhaldor: Very strict. You start as a slave and will be treated like one. Lots of torture and blood sacrifice. Very united, though. Everyone participates in everything pretty much. They believe hardship leads to growth. You fail, you get executed.

    Targossas: Less strict than Mhaldor but has morals and killing people (including NPCs) who aren't actively enemies is frowned upon by at least some people. Zealous and religious. They want to save the world. You're expected to attend prayers and things. Usually pretty united, as well.

    Ashtan: I'm not sure nowadays. They had a lot of political strife and lost a lot of people and are rebuilding. A lot less strict than Targossas and Mhaldor, though. Dedicated to bringing ruin to most things. Serve the Chaos Lords instead of a god. They believe one day they'll obtain near godly power through Chaos.

    Eleusis: Nature faction. They fight forest fires and snuggle a lot I think. Idk. Weirdos.

    Cyrene: Known for bureaucracy, art, and paperwork. Their city was occupied by foreign invaders and their primary mission now is to get those invaders back. Otherwise, they are a peaceful, fairly anti-combat city.

    Hashan: A city that fights for free thought and opposes zealotry. Shadowy and sciencey themes. Not strict due to the emphasis on freedom and individuality and not remotely as wholly devoted to one cause as Targossas or Mhaldor, but a pretty big player on the world stage of late.

    Edit: Mhaldor and Targossas have the most raiders. Then Hashan.
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    Minifie said:

    Cyrene (from outsider's perspective):

    Accurate representation of Cyrene, 10/10.

    Edit: Except less rainbows and more snow.

    We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

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    Farrah said:


    Eleusis: Nature faction. They fight forest fires and snuggle a lot I think. Idk. Weirdos.


    You forgot cookies. And sailing.

    On a less sarcastic note, the actual culture within the village is actually quite positive these days compared to how it's been in the past. We have a good group of young aspiring players and a fair few of us old grumbly farts trying to help them learn as best we can. 

    In response to OP, I've only ever lived in Cyrene (a loong time ago to be fair), Shallam and Eleusis. I've been Eleusian far longer than anything else so I'll admit I am quite biased toward it. But my objective advice would be to simply loiter awhile in each city and chat or listen/observe the goings on. Most places at peak times are quite bustling whether with raids, or just lots of adventurers etc.

    Hope that adds something to the conversation. If not, well... at least there's cookies in Eleusis. and Sailing.
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