Nature's Jubilee, Festival of Wild Wonders 825 AF

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In case everyone forgot, we are nearing the middle of an Eleusian Festival. READNEWS PUBLIC 20660 has the details, along with several other posts after that for events themselves.

As the current Minister of Culture for Eleusis, I would like to personally thank the garden for not caring at all and dropping other events atop ours, along with not even giving a mention to our festival, yet they can mention another. Thank you for that lovely slap in my face of your last announcement, for ignoring all the hours put into this. Hope you enjoy your thrown together events. I'll keep doing what we have planned.


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  • Hey there,

    I'll begin by stating that the garden team did take the Eleusis event into account. A few points of note here:

    The current situation with a lot of people being confined to their homes means that IRE is running a lot of things to keep people entertained over the next few weeks (hopefully it won't be that long, but it looks like it might be). That said, there is no intention to steal Eleusis' thunder and this was a specific point we planned around. That's the main reason Achaea isn't running a great hunt over this week end like most of the games, and why this event starts out very low key over the next seven days: you'll notice the real meat of the event starts after the Eleusis events draw to a close. That is by design.

    I think that addresses the frustration here, but if it doesn't feel free to message me (you can post here too, but I might be a bit slower to respond).

  • I understand the reasoning behind wanting to offer more events, I really do. That is why even though it is 10 times more difficult for me to actually host the events for the Festival now, they are still being done. I want to give people in Achaea a chance to enjoy things, that is why I made sure that the Public events were geared toward being silly or just down right funny. To lighten the mood. I'm not trying to take away from the fact that IRE is doing the best it can here. I'm just saying a slight nod toward our efforts would have been a welcomed gesture after basically being ignored.

    This is the Announce post to which I'm referring to.

    You are correct when you say the meat of your listed events takes place after the Festival is over, thank you for that. But I'd like to call your attention to the Great Hunt you mentioned will not be happening over the weekend, instead it lands 3 days later which is still during the festival, in fact it laid just so that it falls completely over our planned Merry Hunt on 3/25/20 GMT, well done in making us feel like ants. Truly we appreciate the gesture of being overshadowed utterly.

    It does not address the irritation one bit actually. Please note the RL dates for 825 AF, which mind you 825 has been bounced around like a YOYO at least 6 times in the past RL month and a half. I've been trying to keep track of the shifts in the attempt to make sure each time the timeline shifted, that the RL times of the events did not wander overmuch.

    My greatest personal irritation with your post is that you mention another festival set to take place in April, yet fail to mention Eleusis' at all.


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  • Holy crap...I'm gonna invest in a salt mine, because the amount of salt that could be gathered from this thread alone would set me up nicely for retirement.
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    The public events are not factioned locked either. That is the point.

    And I have completely embraced the salty side tonight as I have finally had quite enough frustration for the week. Thanks.
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    I'm not telling them that it was rude to do things over the other 2/3 of the Festival that is for Eleusis only, and has not been posted to the public.

    I am telling them that there are public events going on, we are not sitting around with nothing to do as a whole. We are doing things, and I personally find it rude that they failed to even mention it. Yet can mention another player run Festival.

    Good night.
  • And I thought I was dramatic. Sheesh.

    We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

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    I tried to come join in, but ya'll got made I was sitting in Eleusis. What'd I ever do?
  • Wow, what a dick move having a great hunt during your hunt. Not like it is going to mean -more- people join in because why not when you can do 2 events at once. Kinda feel like completely avoiding the Eleusis stuff now just because it is clear the entitled attitude that people claimed was gone when they were complaining about not getting divine is still alive and kicking.
  • Is this a troll post? Serious question, I can't tell.

  • I laughed.
  • Is it a sense of entitlement? Or is it one persons utter frustration that no matter what we do it doesn't seem to be good enough?

    That no matter how much time and effort we put into planning and doing something for the community that we never seem to recieve even an ounce of recognition for the effort.

    Minifie, raiding less than five minutes after we post about our festival schedule is just rude, that is why we told you to leave. If you want to participate in planned public events then you are welcome to, as are you all, but don't be rude.

    It is not a Troll post, it is my sincere feelings about the apparent lack of care for what we are doing.

    Yes, some events we have asked that enemies do not attend, that is because they were held INSIDE Eleusis itself. Not all of them are, for those held in neutral territory we asked anyone and everyone to join in, yet most of the time all I ever see there are Eleusians, I believe the number of rogues or other factions as you call them that have show up so far is less than 5 people total. Is that our fault? Is it the time of day the events take place? Is it the delivery of the information that isn't working? I honestly don't know.

    We are all playing the same game, it is your own choice to attend the public events we are putting on or not.

    All I am asking for is that you take a moment to recognise that there are indeed players out there that are trying to put on fun events and yet all we ever seem to get back the majority of the time is distain or simply ignored. Think about it for a moment, would you want to keep putting your time and effort into something when that is what happens? I'm betting not. Yet here we are, still trying, frustrated and all, yet still trying.


  • What were you hoping to accomplish with this thread?

    Did you accomplish it?

     i'm a rebel

  • You're over reacting. The admin bent over backwards to let your event run smoothly, while also doing something great for the hundreds of players who have 0 interest in your event, who are stuck home during a pandemic.

  • Valory said:
    It is not a Troll post, it is my sincere feelings about the apparent lack of care for what we are doing.
    Well you probably accomplished at least one thing... anyone who did care likely doesn’t anymore...
  • sigh

    The admin likely didn't announce the Festival because it is already going on, and we've already been announcing public events.  

    It's not something that is upcoming but actually currently happening.

    I understand your stress level, especially with the Hierophant overseeing it deciding to drive across America in the middle of cold season.

    But this 


  • It did exactly what I expected it to.

    It confirmed that we don't matter.

  • What's an Eleusis?

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

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    This thread has turned into just bitterness, trolling, and unnecessary targeted comments. I think the admin had a great response and there was no need for backup singers, in my opinion. Should have turned to a private conversation after the response post.

    To say all of us are above succumbing to stress, anxiety, or just losing our temper is really thoughtless- especially with what we're all dealing with. 

    @Nicola, I think this thread has run its course. 
    The Divine voice of Twilight echoes in your head, "See that it is. I espy a tithe of potential in your mortal soul, Astarod Blackstone. Let us hope that it flourishes and does not falter as so many do."

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  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol
    Nicola released the virus to fuck with Eleusis, confirmed. 
  • Not trying to pile on here... I understand how much it sucks to plan saaaay... a ritual to bring a patron to the House and have no one show.. or House/Village wide events w similar issues, but seriously??? Good god please close and delete this thread or it could be another 5 years before Eleusis gets any attention and this will be exhibit A. Whether or not it was intended that way, it is how it came across more than once.

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    Valory, I just want to say that I apologize on behalf of myself because I'm terrible at keeping track with IC time and making it to a lot of these events you've planned. I can honestly say when I saw the lineup you had made I was pretty amazed at the work you had put into it along with others and I'm sure that part of the frustration you may be feeling right now is that maybe some of the village hasn't properly supported your festival. I probably could have put forward more effort myself to help and maybe others too. I don't think the admin or other players "don't care about Eleusis", yet that's my opinion, and I'm sorry you're feeling that way right now. 

    Unfortunately, I think this is more just a perfect storm of things happening. People are still infatuated with adventures! adventures! adventures! above all else, there's still the normal combat that always goes on, and then you have the COVID-19 affecting people's schedules and lives as well. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for the effort you've put into the events. The few I've been able to make have been great.
  • Halos said:
    Seeing the title and thinking "Oh hey this thing was supposed to be happening" I clicked this thread expecting cool festival event logs.

    It's not too late to repurpose this thread for that, right
    You know it is  :/
  • I was spending time with my kids today teaching them some of the basics about Space. We discussed the planets, the Moon and various other celestial bodies. There was one thing though, right slap bang in the middle of the Universe was this little green dot with everything else seemingly revolving around it. The kids asked me what this was and despite my best efforts I couldn't answer their question, leaving them visibly disappointed. 

    Imagine their joy tomorrow when they wake up, having read this post, I can finally deliver them the answer.

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  • For shame, sir  Don't you ever forget it again!

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