Membership bonuses.

Alongside the membership updates that enabled alternative ways to spend your membership credits, the system now supports ways for us to add alternatives to the daily bonuses (lessons currently) and the passive bonus (experience). We're interested in the kinds of thing you'd all like to see there. To clarify, these are selectable on the player's end: if you wanted the lessons, you still could have those. If you wanted one of the new options, you'd be able to switch to that instead (and back to lessons if you decide lessons were cool after all).



  • 1-2% crit bonus
    1-2% sip bonus
    1-2% PVE damage increase in all areas
    2-3%health+2-3%mana increase
    1 level of health and mana regen
    +1 celerity

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  • Maybe Commodities (wood?)
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    Housing credits
    Gold cap increase (stacks with adventure)
    One time artefacts (rose thorn, etc.)
    Talisman catches
    Card sleeves
    Basic promo items, this could be increased in price after there release.
    Mayan Crowns
  • Edit:: Didnt see the store yet disregard the duplicates
  • Crit bonus (2%)

    Dragon/Island/other talisman drop rates increase (I'm not sure what a reasonable rate would be, but being able to feasibly bash up to Elder would be nice) 

    Renown generation uptick (+50%?) 

    50% reduction in aggression cooldown
  • Those room credits have made it the first time i've ever considered getting that membership.
  • Please no sip bonus - damage based kill paths are already unbearable to attempt in 1v1 (fire lord). Sorry @Atalkez

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    Commodities and additional harvesting/gathering bonuses would be nice.

  • For passive bonuses I don't think it's a good idea to throw in anything affecting PvP. I think % health/sips/health regen is all not a great idea. Crit is a good idea. Perhaps a small gold % bonus from hunting. A decent walking speed bonus for explorers? A talisman drop rate buff? Some kind of "reduced aggression" if that's possible?

    For dailys it's tough to think of anything I can imagine IRE would deem acceptably low-worth to reward daily. Even 1 credit of any kind sounds too high for them I'm sure.

    My only thing is that I think the daily lessons should be higher. Or add a lesson option to the membership credit shop.

  • Daily Bonuses:
    -Gold (10k?) probably a bad idea
    -1 humgii ticket (plz plz plz plz)
    -A supply of random: tarot cards or magi crystals
    -A group of comms (previously stated)
    - renown (?) also probably a bad idea
    -1 membership credit
    -A spin on the wheel, but just a normal daily spin not a token

    Passive bonuses:
    -PVE boost.
    -Chance for ballista darts to count twice vs seamonsters
    -Raise to the gold cap
    -Bonus to lesson usage ie 15 lessons learn you 18 lessons worth
    -Faster embracing death (this is probably the one I'd choose)

  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    Faster embracing death would indirectly affect pvp. Please don't. 

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  • Bonus to lesson usage is something I considered posting, I'd really like that option (and as I keep parroting in every thread, it would help newcomers buy into membership and stick with the game).

    But I feared oldies would be mad that their lessons didn't get spent with a bonus.

  • racetrack tickets
  • I think that some sort of lesson bonus, either as a scaling passive bonus to lesson conversion, or as a single purchase of lessons from membership credits (say 100 credits for 700 lessons, akin to the promotion that happened some years back), could be an enticing option for anyone interested in finishing out a class or looking to pick up a few new ones.

    While the login bonus of lessons is always good for anyone who does want lessons, membership as a whole isn't a super efficient way of getting a hold of them.
  • Passive bonus:

    Crit bonus/bonus damage to denizens.

    Bonus gold drops from denizens. (Think like what Ahmetite does)

    A seafaring bonus would be nice. Crew experience or morale maybe?

    Daily bonus:

    Upgrade credits.

    Customisation credits.

  • Mementoes.
  • Membership in Prospero's order. :)
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    I echo the lesson suggestions, the most painful part for a novice is having to buy 2 * lesson packs + 300 cr no brainier just to tri-trans/avoidance + a few entry skills in vision/weaponry (iirc don't think that would even barely cut it, even after leveling to 80).

    ^ Then to realize you want to try a different class and poof all that money/time wasted.

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    a 2 or 4 hour cooldown that has a 10s windup and travels you to any harbour (just you, no followers). Attuning a new harbour has a 72 hour cooldown, but you can INVOKE THE SEAS to carry you to the harbour. Can't be used in cities you are enemied to, on a monolith (mono at destination doesn't stop it), while aggression timer is active. HAS to be a harbour room. With enough restrictions, doesn't step on the toes of other items, since it only goes to harbours it has limited pvp usage. Interrupted by all but communication (curing, abilities, prone, para all stop it). 
    You have to go to a harbour, HARBOUR ATTUNE, and then INVOKE THE SEAS returns you to that harbour.

    Stacking login rewards, up to 7 days: 5 lessons, 10 lessons, 25 lessons, 50 lessons, bound environment sceptre gem (creates a sceptre with a gem in it, then adds +1 to an environment, or a new environment if the current ones are maxed), 20 renown, 10 bcr. Miss a day and it resets, only have to log in.

    Automatically get lucky and aim to kill traits without having to take them. 

  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
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    How about... a subscriber's lottery? Something that encourages a long time subscription. I can think of two versions:

    1) Subscribers receive a lottery ticket every day with login that they can choose to buy in to a monthly lottery. At the beginning of every month, there will be a lottery giving away prizes such as a talisman piece of choice from a certain set, couple hundred unbound creds, card sleeves, five whatever promotional item is being sold, something exciting but not mindblowingly broken.
    (e.g. Skye activates her subscription on 1st January, she collects 31 tickets by logging in every day. On 1st February, along with the monthly promo, the subscriber lottery will be announced and run for the first week of the month. If Skye likes the prizes that are offered, she can choose to use her tickets to buy into the lottery. If she doesn't like the prizes, she can hold on to the tickets until she sees a lottery she prefers)

    2) Subscribers receive a lottery ticket every month their subscription renews (or for however months they have opted to subscribe for in their package, in which case they receive the tickets all at once). At the end of the year, there will be a more epic subscription lottery, like serious amount of unbound creds or an artie pet, or something on par with an auction item.

    I like the first one better, but the second one might also encourage players coming in around 4th quarter to spring for a full year subscription just to get the maximum 12 tickets.

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    Minifie said:

    Automatically get lucky and aim to kill traits without having to take them. 

    This may be the best idea I've ever heard. 

    Based on what was already said here, this does give a pk benefit indirectly. But I don't see why they can't add a Ring of the wilds(adds lucky trait, name sucks I know), and a Ring of destruction(adds aim to kill trait). 
  • Traits are an outdated system that should be included in leveling like survival, imo.
    But for the topic, I'm a fan of the first "lottery" Skye mentioned. 

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • Iaxus said:
    Traits are an outdated system that should be included in leveling like survival, imo.
    Uh... What? No idea what you even mean by this.
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    Antonius said:
    Iaxus said:
    Traits are an outdated system that should be included in leveling like survival, imo.
    Uh... What? No idea what you even mean by this.
    (Major) Traits are completely pointless. 90% of people take the same ones. The only flux is what stat to increase, and if you want assess or contemplate. 
    Maybe your confusion was because I was thinking of major traits, since the only minor ones that matter off the top of my head are blissful and the embracing one, though I concede I may be forgetting one or two since I'm not online at the moment.

    ETA: Logged in. Major traits 90% of the game has: 1) nimble/qw. 2) + stat. 3) health inspector/mind warden/crit bonus if they don't need assess/contemplate or their class has it covered. I've seen edge cases causing people to pick up expert diagnoser, but that's still pretty rare from my experience.
    Minor: Blissful, marksman, glass shatterer. The rest are shrug. I can't comment on the sailing ones since I do no seafaring, though.

    Jumpy said:
    The membership is already such a good deal that there is no way we can reduce the cost. 

  • Anything with choices is likely to lead to a lot of people picking the same ones as people decide what is "optimal." But forcing everyone to take certain ones would still remove options.

    There are some classes especially where I'm certain people pick different traits. Monk, for example. The third major for most classes is usually flexible too.

    There'd be a little more variance if some things were adjusted a little bit (e.g., lethal ink is useful but its downside is crazy compared to most traits).
  • The wares is an amazing idea, do think the crowns are a little expensive though. Example would be 420cr out of the 6 month membership to get a scry bowl. When normally unbound crowns go for 35-40 so 210-240 respectfully.
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    I love the ideas presented in this thread, especially a bonus to lesson gain. However, might I inquire as to why login bonuses are gated behind membership? Or am I mistaken and such -will- be provided to f2p? As it stands, the 5 lessons a day is a minor thing that feels huge when I've had to lose 75% of my invested lessons just to realise I liked where I was.

    ETA: Reviewing the membership bonus thread after posting has left me a little more confused. Daily adventure thingies sound good, but I couldn't find in a quick perusal whether such was to be available to all. Apologies if this has already been answered and I missed it,.
  • @ellyna See the latest announce news in game.
  • If I could ask for the sake of purchasing decisions:

    Are we likely to see changes to membership bonuses/wares sometime soon, or is there going to be some time before they're reviewed again?
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