Magi Race

I was leaning towards human as a race but am wondering if they make good magi or if I would be better going grook or Tsol’aa I want to learn to fight and raid if that’s any help


  • I'd suggest Grook for pure min/max combat - more con than Tsol'aa - same con as Human but +1 intelligence - regen in water (flooded rooms are an option for a mage).

    I'd also recommend choosing based on RP of what race you want to play - there are options to play ever race as a mage, though some obviously perform better at it (intelligence as the primary "damage dealing" statistic).

    Others can probably offer better advice, but primarily intelligence for damage, constitution for survival.

    To give you a breakdown though:

    15 int
    can climb trees
    Can hide in forest rooms

    15 int
    12 con
    regens health in water
    breathes underwater
    natural swimmer

    14 int
    12 con
    slight buff to health sip
    slight buff to criticals

    My personal choice would be Grook.
  • I clicked this thread and expected someone to be proposing a Magi-race, like a race choice that was already elementally infused so it's racial perks were,: "Shoot fire, light pipes" or "Cause tremors, can't be moved in caverns" etc. 

    I always suggest RP above everything because that'll keep you going when there's nothing to fight.

  • Dwarf (Mad) Mage, because you've gotta have resistance to all those failed magical experiments. 
  • the -1 con of mhun/satyr/tsol'aa isn't really felt when you get high enough in levels and arties, but it IS noticable up until then. My suggestion is to find the healthiest middle ground, a race that you enjoy while not picking the worst attributes. You can make Tash'la magi work, but unless you are dead-set on that RP and direction, I would suggest horkval for a more creature-based race. 

    Grook is probably the flat out winner though, no con loss, high int, synergy with flood, plus they is forg.
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    This could be you:

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