class monk

hi im new to the forums but i have played for years on another character my question is what are some triggers for a monk like for guarding blocks combos anything that can help me stand my ground when it comes to pk?
also i just reached level 60 but it takes so many combos to even take down a gnoll in level four in manara and i cant afford to buy credits i just want to hit hard kill fast and be able to go toe to toe with another player should the situation arise i have nexus

im a monk human tekura is at guarding and kaido is at regeneration can anyone help?


  • Your best bet is to keep leveling and pump lessons into Tekura. Higher health pool/crit chance will be nice, especially as a human.

    As for pvp, I'd ask IG for help. There are a lot of resources and people dedicated to helping if you're in a city.
  • oh ok well thank you and i will try my best im targossian btw 

  • Monk is a relatively difficult class if you want to go creditless, unfortunately. It's multi-stat dependent and benefits enormously from a large number of artefacts and talismans. It's been the long standing poster child for what artefacts can accomplish for a class. It's not impossible to play vanilla by any means, but just understand going in without any afterfacts will require you to put in an order of magnitude more effort than another monk that's stacked with them.

    Send me a tell IG if you need help with PvP, especially if you plan to stay Tekura.
  • oh i see i wish i could afford to buy them ic and ooc but at the present time income is a issue i wish i could buy enough for the best monk artefacts all of them
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