[NEXUS] Self Tattoo Manager


I made a tattoo manager for myself and I thought I would share it. It's pretty simple but it works just fine for managing my own tattoos.

Features: Checks a customizable list of your wanted tattoos against a list of your current tattoos. It presses any you don't already have.

Current Limitations: Cannot handle more than one tattoo of the same kind. Uses only inks, no stencils (this would be the first thing I'd change about it). Cannot specify on which body part to press the tattoo. If you don't have the inks or skill, it will stop and you'll have to remove that tattoo from the wanted list to skip it. It also doesn't disable other reflexes, so don't blame me if another reflex ruins the tattoo and wastes inks.

Usage: Download (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vH-ja5UUvTxFlZIfXQP2jYd9iZO6Q7V7/view) and install (drag and drop) the package file. Optionally, you can set your wanted tattoos with: set_variable('wantedTattoos', 'boar,moss,tattoo,tattoo'). If you don't set your wanted tattoos, it will default to mindseye, starburst, boar, moss, cloak, shield, crystal, and moon. Use it with doTats. It will keep going until you have all your wanted tattoos, you run out of body parts, or you run out of inks.

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