Server Side curing customization question.

I've read that server side curing is great if you know how to tweak it. Can I take this to mean maybe a few aliases that change priorities based on what class you're fighting against?

If I wanted to go about doing this, where would I begin?


  • Wundersys would honestly probably be your best bet. It's simple, works and is (afaik) up to date and supports multiclassing right out the gate, hassle-free.

    Also the code isn't a colossal mess if you want to look at how things run.

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    I'll take your advice on board, but I have two thoughts:

    1. Part of the allure of server side curing was that I could use any client. I understand Mudlet is the best, but  I thought if my system was effectively server side curing, I could rely on CMUD for offense and make it myself without having to learn LUA. I can't even recall how to make a targeting alias in Mudlet.

    2. Being Australian, latency is a factor. Server side curing solves that for me. At least as far as defense goes.

    Edit: Third thought.

    3. If I did end up using Mudlet it would have a lot of pros in its favor. Like being able to have an affliction tracker out of the box in the form of AK. The mapper is an obvious advantage, even though I do have a converted map using the old Imapper that works here and a conversion tool that turns the provided map file into a readable format for it so it works in any client. Then there's also the multiple GUI's and other scripts people have published.

    Still though... It's all coming down to having to learn a whole new language when I've already got to relearn the game. Hrm...
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    You can absolutely create priority switches without needing a more compehensive system. There's multiple theories as to the best way to do it, but the starting points are to check out curingsets (CURINGSET, also explained a bit in HELP CURINGSYSTEM), and get familiar with where your cures are in your priority list (CURING PRIORITY LIST, CURING PRIORITY (affliction) (#)). Keep a default curing set and use CURINGSET CLONE FROM DEFAULT (or whatever you name it) to reset your priorities if you fiddle with them too much.

    You can theoretically use curingsets for individual classes, but the game by default only allows you a limited number, and you can pay credits to expand this. This is completely silly and I wish it wasn't the case. You can run toggles clientside to quickly rearrange your prios to fit the class you want, though. I recommend using a NDB script of some variety if you want to avoid toggling between sets manually.

    As an example, if paralysis is above asthma and at places 4 and 6 respectively, you could CURING PRIORITY ASTHMA 3 to toggle asthma above paralysis, and then CURING PRIORITY ASTHMA 6 to put it back (or CURINGSET CLONE FROM DEFAULT). If you want automatic toggles, you can use gmcp events on affliction gain and loss to run the commands mentioned before, using your client of choice. As a class-related curingset example, you could theoretically have something like a serpent set, and do CURINGSET SWITCH SERPENT, where you'd have things like impatience higher than normal, etc. Use CURINGSET SWITCH DEFAULT to swap to your default set, don't use clone here as it will wreck whatever you have setup.
    I came from CMUD when I retired to Achaea and have spent my time getting familiar with Mudlet, it's a big hurdle at first but becomes relatively intuitive quickly; in the long term I would recommend getting familiar with it if only because of the extensive resources available. But you don't need it to have a fully functional curing system.

  • All that was said above is great advice for anybody using Nexus too!
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  • Here's the thread I used when starting to learn serverside. It also gives a nice gentle introduction to how Lua looks in practice. Modify as necessary to use curingsets which are amazingly awesome.

  • I've been thinking about this serverside curingsystem vs local curingsystem for a while. Correct me if I'm wrong here.. I live in Sweden and have quite high latency and would probably benefit much from a serverside curing system due to that.

    But in certain scenarios would'nt that mean I would not be able to change my priority fast enough and might end up eating something I would like to have changed before sending eat <herb>.

    Scenario: I have paralysis and asthma, impatience. I get hit by slickness and anorexia and tree balance is out and I get herb balance back. My system in such scenario would bump asthma up in priority above paralysis unless I got multiple kelp cures then it would bump impatience otherwise just leave it and cure paralysis. This could be easily changed on the serverside curing also. But if it's faster then my local system sending the priority change it would eat a bloodroot and cure paralysis, right?
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    No because you'd be truelocked
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    In the event that you passive/actived out then it's not really a huge deal. I prio swap with serverside and I've never run into a scenario where I was racing my ping like that. I'm in the UK so I don't have terrible lag but it's not the best. 
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    Right, terrible scenario  =) Hmm still there would be scenarios where you would'nt change the priority in time since obviously if you use serverside it's because it's faster, otherwise there would be little reason to use it if you have your own already?

    Edit: Same scenario without anorexia for example.
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    Yeah I've still never ran into a situation where it is an issue. You should be fine to do serverside
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    That is one of the downsides. You've separated the logic that decides what your priorities should be from the logic that looks at what your priorities are and decides what to do, and as a result there will be times when you'll change the priority too late to make a difference to what serverside curing actually does. It's almost impossible to quantify how large a problem that will actually be. You will occasionally not change priorities in time, eat the wrong thing, and die as a result.

    You can't really know how often that will actually happen, and you also don't know if that's worse than delaying every cure by your latency. My gut feeling would be that if you have high latency, or just don't feel like implementing everything required for client-side curing, going with serverside curing is the better option.
  • It should almost never happen 1v1 because of balance times of opponent attacks. Will be extreme outliers against classes with tertiary balances or passive afflicts.

  • Cooper said:
    It should almost never happen 1v1 because of balance times of opponent attacks. Will be extreme outliers against classes with tertiary balances or passive afflicts.
    It depends just how bad your latency is, but yes, I'd lean towards almost never being an accurate assessment. Not only do you need your herb balance to come back around the time they attack, but you need that to occur on an attack that actually forces the need to change priorities.

    Assuming we're not talking absolute garbage latency. If you've got a 1 second delay on all of your commands it's going to happen a lot more often.
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    if you have a 1s latency you probably shouldn't be doing a lot of 1v1 anyways, tbh.
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