I have an idea, and i need help.....

so ive been pondering awhile of what to write as my next novel, and then it came to me, why not make a novel based on some adventures here.....so in short order, im thinking about starting a new character, and im hoping  a few of you would like to do so with me, and become characters in the novel as well, so im wondering........who is in?


  • I just wanted to chime in to say that as Achaea is proprietary content of Iron Realms, the production of any media related to it would first need to be authorised by Matt Mihaly, the CEO of Iron Realms. For further details, please take a look over points #4 and #6 in our terms of service, available at https://www.achaea.com/tos/ 
    "If you build it, they will come."
  • looks like its a dud idea anyways 
  • I think you'd find a LOT of players enjoy writing/literary RP! If it feels like a fun use of your time, I think you can find in-character support (and maybe rewards!) for your participation. If the book is good enough, it might even become lore other players enjoy adopting.
  • Dunno if you're still doing this, but I'm in.
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