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Tsol'aa History seems sparse at best. Wiki has around 3 paragraphs worth of information.Some major events had Tsol'aa involved. A few Tsol'aa organizations exsisted but are gone. Modern Tsol'aa history is elusive as well. I will continue the research and read further into this but any help would be appreciated.
Also, I want to know what the general climate for the Tsol'aa is. Are we, in general, accepted throughout the world? Are there racial tensions anywhere in particular? Do any well know Tsol'aa figures currently exsist? Are there areas Tsol'aa tend to congregate besides the Tsol'aa village? All this, and much more, helps to form a person's personality.

Thank you for reading.


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    Racism doesn't really exist in Achaea.

    To clarify: Players don't really play racists at all.  Every group is pretty much equal opportunity.  There are a few racist denizens (such as some dwarves up north, who at least despise Mhun) but for player groups, it's very much a non-existent problem.
  • I can't think of tsol'aa groups outside the Aalen village, but there are tsol'aa denizens scattered all across Achaea and living comfortably alongside members of other races. For example, I believe the priest in Sirocco Keep, on the southern continent, is tsol'aa. I seem to remember the other residents being human, or at least having nothing in their description to suggest they were otherwise.
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    Tsol'aa were the first race to integrate into human society. They're really everywhere as a result, and have been since long before the birth of the Seleucarian Empire. Their diaspora was a response to the rise of humanity; it resulted most notably in the founding of Istarion and Eleusis, the conquering of the Underrealm by the Tsol'teth, and (by way of the Tsol'teth) the wars that defined Seleucar's rise and fall.

    They're pretty cosmopolitan. Just treat them as humans with a more long-term, big picture philosophy. (They make good forestals as a result.)
  • I definitely know some players who are racist toward at least one race, but it's not too widespread. It's definitely not as bad as IRL where Xoran have their own water fountains or anything. 

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  • Adalie said:
    I definitely know some players who are racist toward at least one race, but it's not too widespread. It's definitely not as bad as IRL where Xoran have their own water fountains or anything. 
    I'm pretty sure most of the playerbase is too young to remember a time when Xoran had their own water fountains IRL. :/
  • I really can't stand horkvals. With their icky mandibles and general insect-ness. Ugh.
  • Tsol'aa tend to be a sneaky race as per abilities. Yet people don't treat them as such. They tend to be seen as and regarded like any given RPG's wood elves are. Its assumed they are perceptive, wise, and love nature. Yet no real foul traits are labeled to them as they are close physically and historically related to humans.

    Racism only tends to exist within and towards Achaea's unique races. Rajamala, Horkval, Xoran, Grook, Mhun.
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  • Peladoris had some very interesting roleplay based on the idea that Tsol'aa are supposedly longer lived and slower to mature than other races. I think he nurtured a little Tsol'aa superiority complex, but he was tactful about it.

    Anyway, you probably won't find any discrimination against Tsol'aa, but don't let that discourage you from playing a hardline racist!
  • Trevize is picky about which races he eats (atavian wings and grook legs are his favourite). Is that racist?
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    @Jraatha: Tsol'aa aren't generally sneaky as a paradigm, no, although there isn't a rule against it. They are basically elves, and their racial schism seems based in large part on Raymond Feist's elvish diaspora. (Tsol'aa = eledhel, Tsol'dasi = eldar, Tsol'teth = moredhel.) They have one sneaky racial ability, hide, but it's meant to reinforce their connection to the forests.

    Also, it's good that you want to be involved in discussions, but please stop reviving old threads! :)
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