How do you do the ‘Room Search’ function, where you look up a room description then walk to it?

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I have heard that while the Pathing system in Achaea is much less intensive than in Aetolia, there is a ‘room search’ function somewhere that can be paired with the Achaea ‘Path’ command. Granted, it seems ‘walk to’ is for landmarks only. 

I have asked a similar question here, but understood that what I was asking for was not doable in Achaea. Still, my memory tells me that there was definitely a ‘room search’, if nothing else, and one of the responses to my previous question suggested something in line with that thought. 

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    What people suggested is a function of the mapper people use with mudlet, not something inherent to Achaea.

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    You can find the IRE mapping script for Mudlet here:


  • When you do install the mapper, I believe the command is 

    rf <room name>

    This will give a list of rooms with the keyword in it and the room number as a link you can click on to walk to it.  

    Similarly if you know the room number you can :
    Goto <number>

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