What is Achaea’s equivalent of Aetolia’s ‘Vnum’ command?

Not many people seem to use it but I happen to know that there is a designation for room’s, like in Aetolia. It is maddening that I cannot remember what it is. 

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    WALK TO <denizen> or <landmark> is the closest approximation that Achaea has to Aetolia's vnum system, so far as I am aware.

    For those who do not play Aetolia or have not, Aetolia incorporated many factors of mudlet mapper or the old IMTS mapper into Aetolia, including the ability GOTO <vnum> to go to an exact room, much like mudlet mapper allows. You could also ROOM SEARCH or some such to find a list of rooms that matched the description, pretty much eliminating the need to have any client-based mapping system. The system was made further robust with recognizing speed-enhancing abilities (gallop, dash, celerity, etcetera) to move rooms more quickly but at a server-controlled rate that eliminated the gagged spam that we see with mudlet mapper. 

    Would love to see something similar in Achaea, but I know it would be a massive overhaul to the mapping system to do it! 
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    Not aware of any command to pull it up, but gmcp.Room.Info.num contains the room ID. Room numbers are not an IC thing, though, so don't expect to see many references or lists that contain them.

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    If you use nexus, I really suggest looking at https://forums.achaea.com/discussion/6062/nexus-contest-submissions - Zahan submitted a wonderful map system that works great. 


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