[Mudlet] BeepBoop™

Hello, friends.

As you all know by now, I am a terrible person. I have come to you today, to make you think I'm even more terrible.

Having come to the realisation that a lot of people still rely on people to call out targets, and will sit there doing nothing if the leader needs to leave the room (or they die), I had the positively brilliant idea of how great it would be if that was no longer a problem. Both for them, as well as the people who will screech their lungs out at people who auto target.

BeepBoop is a wonderful, friendly robot who will assist you greatly in combat. All you need to do is tell it who you want to kill (or have someone else tell you beforehand who to kill) and it'll work its magic from there, all while cheering you on in annoyingly-Cyrenian tones in the process. Hooray positive reinforcement!

Installation is simple. All you have to do is download it here, install it via the package manager and restart your Mudlet so your cheery robot friend knows where everything is.

Commands are as follows:
  • bbrp <list of names> will set a priority list of targets. If you're leading, it will also call this list out to your party so they can follow along with their own robot pals. bbrp pyori, majin, truax, austere, dunn for example.
  • bbcp will do the latter part of the above alias, for people who're slow to join.
  • bbcl will clear the priorities entirely. Turning the system off will also do this.
  • beep toggles the system on and off.
  • bbnt you don't need to use, it's what the system uses to find the next target. You can use it if you're impatient, I guess.
  • bbtc will toggle callouts. Probably don't use this if you're not a leader.
  • bb listen <person> will listen for someone's priority callout, and adjust yours accordingly.
These commands are slightly more advanced, for people who don't want to listen to other's callouts and go off doing their own things instead.
  • bb <add|remove> <name> will add a person to a custom priority list. Keep in mind the system will look for party priority lists before it looks through these names. So turn off party callouts/listening first.
  • bbp <name> <num> will change someone's priority on the fly, for this custom priority list. It will also add the person if they don't already exist. 
  • bb showprio will show all the names in this list. Keep in mind it can be quite a list if you have a lot of people on it.

Now go out there and spread violence, happily, like a Cyrenian.

PS: It assumes your targeting alias is 't thing' if it's not, change it in the script where it says to change. It also assumes your target variable is 'target' ... Change that, too, in all applicable places.


  • Nice. Do you use GMCP, and do you have a soul-checker for QL?
  • Yes, and no. I was meant to but I got lazy.

  • when I was setting something like this up people shit on me for it...times change I suppose. kudos pyori. I might try it out. is it bug free? do you want feedback? 
    Cooper said:
    This is one of the worst forms of special snowflake RP I've ever seen. Thanks for going to another city to do it!
  • edited November 2019
    Driden said:
    when I was setting something like this up people shit on me for it
    Note the part where I said I'm a terrible person.
    Driden said:
    is it bug free?
    It works for me. If it doesn't for you, then I refer you to this.
    Driden said:
    do you want feedback? 
    Feedback would convey some sort of notion that I'm supporting it, so no. What's included is what you get; if you want things changed then do it yourself.

  • edited November 2019
    Rangor said:
    Nice. Do you use GMCP, and do you have a soul-checker for QL?
    I was feeling nice, and have friends who wanted to use it ... So it has a soul failsafe now. Same download link.
    Basically if someone dies, and they don't burst, it'll add them to a 'souls' list. It will ignore people who are in the list, when looking for a new target. They automatically get removed from the list after a minute.

  • ...Apparently random aliases were getting included, instead of the actual aliases that were meant to go with it. I fixed it; same download link.

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