[Mudlet] gmcp.IRE.Display.ButtonActions not updating

Hey there,

I've been having an issue with the gmcp.IRE.Display.ButtonActions updating when changing class while on Mudlet. Is there are way to force this?

Explaination of Paste: I logged in as a red dragon. I lesserformed into Sylvan but you can see it did not update my Battlerage attacks in the new class. I transformed into a gold dragon and it didn't update.

Extra Info :Even using a Battlerage ability doesn't update the gmcp (I have tried other, class specific BR abilities not just Overwhelm but still no luck in updating). I jumped onto the webclient but swapping classes does make the BR abilities update on the buttons. It just seems to be an issue with mudlet.

Thanks for any help and suggestions!


  • Okay Overwhelm started working, but no other abilities. Complaining about something has magical powers to give you a bit but not a complete fix.
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    Heya! I'm interested in this, too, as gmcp.IRE.Display.ButtonActions doesn't seem to update for me as well. How'd you get yours to work? (I'm assuming you have?)
  • ArchaeonArchaeon Ur mums house lol
    I'm guessing this is nexus?
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    Nope, Mudlet. I'm assumign Tahquil's also asking because of Ken's basher.

    gmcp.IRE.Display.ButtonActions doesn't update on Mudlet when you switch classes and there's nothing in the gmcp documentation that we can use to request manually for an update.
  • I can't remember if this issue got sorted or not. Sorry.
  • For @Jakiro and others looking to use this, please note:

    ButtonActions is part of the Display package (made specifically for Nexus), which isn't enabled by default for other clients. Mostly because there is information that is sent to the Nexus client that is not displayed in the main window (either in popups, side windows, or whatnot). While you could enable this for Mudlet, you would inevitably run into situations where text just isn't displaying for you when it should be (not to mention various other annoyances, such as things like helpfiles not taking into account pagelength).

    You'll likely be better off setting up a script for whenever gmcp.Char.Skills.Groups is changed, and requesting Char.Skills.Get { "group": "Attainment" } to get an updated list of the relevant skills. Perhaps not as convenient, but much more reliable, and less likely to lead to obscure bugs that we can't help you track down.
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