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Hey all,

With scrapping now in, I just wanted to create a thread where we could post fun pet reactions, battle things, and just in general the pets we are most surprised with/disappointed with their battling skills and the like. Also, there will undoubtedly be a million pokemon memes, so I'll go ahead and cut ya'll off.



  • I love this, and turtles are OP!
  • Something I forgot to mention: After all the kinks are worked out, can we look at adding ultimate pet caches to renown? I can always grab gold to credits, but IMO this isn't something that tips any scales of balance in the game, so being able to use my renown to land that adorable pet or the battling machine, as well as make them accessible outside of promos, but time investment would be amazing!
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    I came to suggest the exact same thing. Especially if we have a bunch of the same type we are training to get prestige levels.
  • Allow people to get a small fraction of XP if a match is conceded after 10-15 rounds.
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    My face when I actually realized what was happening after I followed the Chief Inspector around for like an hour:

  • a desert hedgehog attempts to defensively curl into a formidable ball but is forced to splay out on all fours, unable to resist a squirrel monkey any longer.

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    I kind of wish pet starting atk/def were sliiightly higher, like... maybe they should start with base stats equal to a max roll, plus a normal roll for level 1.

    Like if a pet's attack roll is 4-6, their lv1 stats might be 10-12 instead of 4-6 as it is now.
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    I think someone giving up the match should definitely be worth some points. Maybe within some criteria like if their pets are near death or the like. 

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    Taryius said:
    I'm definitely in the boat of giving some XP for losses, maybe half as much XP, especially after seeing how violently the xp curve jumps up.

    Getting more pets out of the single attack territory as fast as possible also seems like a good thing in keeping engagement going!

    That said, its super fun concept and I love that minipets have more uses now!
    This. Although maybe less than that, closer to an eighth.

    Also I need more tortoises now.

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  • Other things I'd love:


    Scrappers to auto-follow their owners when deployed.
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    A command usable by the initiating party to start the action.

    Example of use: The initiator designates that 4 people max for scraps. For reasons only 1 other person joins. START will allow the match to start instead of having to ABORT and remake the match.

    Edit : Adding the SCRAPPER FEED <scrapper> <treat> syntax in the help file under the section about treats.
  • It'd be nice if match creation were more organic in general, like:

    Inviting people to join

    Setting level restrictions

    Setting # of scrappers after people are in the match

    Basically if it could look more like virtually any modern game's multiplayer game setup/lobby.
  • Matches where you can't damage each other is are the wooooooorrrrssssstttttt.
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    Tahquil said:
    Matches where you can't damage each other is are the wooooooorrrrssssstttttt.

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    I love that we can see the stat rolls, and roll specific ones! More suggestions, it would be cool if we got to see how many scrappers would be participating in a battle. As in, do we get to put more than one of ours in the pit, not how many people are joining. 

    Right now we just see the generic line:
    'You deploy a winged lizard of vibrant crimson for battle, ready to face up to 1 opponents in battle.'
    And it doesn't tell anyone that its a 2 or 3 scrapper each brawl.

    It also seems kinda disappointing some of the creatures just get a duplicate of their normal attack at level 3, like the winged lizard, with no secondary effects or bonus damage/CD's.
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    Let us SCRAPPER INFO <scrapper> other scrappers! Or at least the scrappers we battle against. I think that would be neat.

    ETA: Not stats per se, but interesting information like their genus or level or gender or if they're being treated well.

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  • I'm not sure the best solution to this, but I'm having a hard time managing and tracking them, especially with duplicates. I would love it if you could refer to them by name when doing SCRAPPER INFO and feeding. Having the name show up on the list when you choose to deploy them is very nice. 
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    Laedha said:
    I'm not sure the best solution to this, but I'm having a hard time managing and tracking them, especially with duplicates. I would love it if you could refer to them by name when doing SCRAPPER INFO and feeding. Having the name show up on the list when you choose to deploy them is very nice. 
    This is already a thing
    I only ever refer to my scrapper(s) by name when feeding and checking info and deploying

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  • Uh ignore that. Apparently you can use names! Ahem. 
  • - There is a new CONFIG, IGNORESCRAPPERS to ignore scrapper attacks when you are not engaged in a scrapper battle.

    I love this. Now to see if there is one for battle figurines.

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    My scrappers are, so far, 50% spiders.

    I have never used a spoiler tag before, but I'm about to try. If I get it wrong, I'll edit.

    Edit: Hmm, spoiler tag take 2.

    2nd edit: Ack, take 3.

    3rd edit: Meh, I'm missing something. Sorry, guys!

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  • Suggestions for improvement:

    1. Please fix the input bugs. Whenever input fails, it's kept over and overrides your next input. For example, if you accidentally do CONCEDE instead of ATTACK (because you're using numbers), and cancel it, your next command will be read as a CONCEDE too.

    2. Please allow one line commands, eg. SMATCH ATTACK 1 to use the first attack.

    3. An endurance/training mode with no limit to how many scrappers you can use (still only can use each scrapper once).

    4. SCRAPPER LIST, please.

    5. Make scrappers auto-follow their owner after being deployed or after their own match ends, or something.

    6. As someone with gold scrappers, the difference between gold and basic is way too extreme. No one wants to scrap with them unless they have their own.

    7. The difference in levels is also a bit too extreme. It's mostly fine right now that everyone's pooled into levels 4 through 6, but I hate to see what it'll be like trying to scrap with, say, a level 13 scrapper and no one else is close to the same level.

    8. Some touch ups to starting matches, noted above, including: allowing starting early, showing # of scrappers in the opening message, challenging people in particular (instead of just an open match), etc.

    9. Skipping your turn when you have no scrapper deployed should count as a forfeit.

    10. Leveling should not give a full heal mid-match.

    I only hope the devs will consider any improvements to the system, it kind of already feels abandoned due to some of the more glaring bugs.
  • I agree with pretty much everything Lenn said. Levels and prestige are far too powerful, especially with no xp reward if you lose.

    Since I am interested in seeing a little competitive play, I would also request a way to see level and prestige as a second/third person so we can enforce tiers in a tournament, currently as far as I know someone could send out a level 20 gold and claim it is a level 1 common and there isn't really a way to tell if it is true.

    I would also like to point out that the prestige system is pretty much antithetical to how people collected pets before scrappers were introduced (which was basically collect one of each of the pets you like or get a whole group of one type so you have a flock, neither of which lead to merging your pets together) and with the sheer number of pets around nowadays finding someone lucky enough to open what you are looking for is almost impossible. Hopefully a straight gilding arte will be added at some point to address this.
  • Few things I would like to see in the future:

    Add an option to SMATCH to force all pets to be set to a prestige cap (so no-bronze-silver-gold), I'll check once I can get a few more prestiged pets, but I presumed since there must be rolls between X-Y then they can be lowered to reset pets to lower prestige levels for single battles. This would allow for people to continue to collect pets to prestige them, but allow people with basic pets and gold pets to have balanced matches.

    Add caches for 50 mementos, but only purchasable once every 6 IG months or something. Needing -8- per gold should mean pets should start being MUCH more commonly obtained!

    Add a daily quests involving animals: 

    GREET ERMA and she tells you to take 5 salmon treats to help out a fishmonger with his fish, or show her a pet of the (blah) genus. This rewards a minor collections cache, which can only be opened by the owner and instantly opens for any available minipet from a collections cache (but not saleable). 

    Add in a treat to Erma for 100k gold that you feed to a scrapper, and instantly levels it. You can't level a scrapper this way higher than your highest level scrapper.

    Make prestiging add tiered effects to the pet, something like:
    An Ilyrean butterfly looks relatively helpless.
    He has 100% health remaining.
    He weighs 3 ounce(s).
    He shines with a faint bronze hue/An aura of dazzling silver encompasses him/Glorious gold shines forth from him.
  • Thanks for the feedback here.

    I'll be thinking over how we can improve the setup menus, though I'm very conscious of overloading this with too many options. There is definitely room for improvement though, so that'll be something I give some further consideration to.

    As for alternative modes, this is something the system was set up to support (that place that only has standard modes for now) so I won't rule out a practice mode: it actually sounds like a pretty reasonable idea. That said, we have some details we want to finalise about future expansion plans there, so that'll be one of those down the line things.b

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