Coat of Arms Redesign

KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
edited October 2019 in The Blank Canvas
Decided to sit down and redesign my character's Heraldic Arms tonight to something that more reflected his lifestyle of an adventurous sailor, seeking gold and excitement on the seas. Was a lot of pondering over choice of tinctures, divisions, lines, and ordinaries in their myriad of combinations, but this is what I settled on. I choose the Catharine wheel because it's a close visual representation of a helms wheel, and when paired with the engrailed border, a reminder that the seas are often a rough place. Gold for the fortune sought at sea, and the black, green, and silver are the colour scheme for my ship, the sails being dyed emerald, the hull painted black, and trimmed in silver.

The arms of Kresslack: Per chevron Sable and Vert, a catherine wheel Or within a bordure engrailed

In modern Achaean: A gold catherine wheel within a silver border with curvy edges, on a black and
green background divided into two by a chevron-shaped line.

I also spent some time making up a visual representation. While crudely done and will in time see much refinement, I like the way it turned out as a visual aide.

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