[NEXUS] Scripting Assistance?

Hello all,
I am here to request some assistance in converting something from the Nexus simple scripting to actual scripting. I have been trying for days to get something similar to work, but I can't figure it out. If anyone would be willing to assist me in this, it would be greatly appreciated. The sample I have is through the following link.



  • The first part is easy. Simple if else statement. Just have the autoex variable defined somewhere then in the 'execute script' action you place:

    if (autoex == 0)
        send_comamnd("goto 7779");

    The second part not so much. As far as I know there isn't really a straight up translation of the simplified scripting's waitfor action to, as you put it, actual scripting. So this isn't all going to happen in one trigger/event/alias or whatever that is. (It would be pretty nice to know what it is and what you're trying to accomplish. That tends to help sometimes.)

    The closest translation I can recommend is to create individual triggers for each of those waitfor lines. So you'd have a trigger for "You have arrived at your...", another for "You have recovered balance", etc. Then, because those are pretty generic lines, you'd disable them on startup in the onLoad function and only activate them when necessary, after which you'd deactivate them again.

    I know that's not exactly what you're looking for and not a proper conversion, but that's the idea behind how I'd begin converting what you have in the screenshot. I didn't try to go further into the conversion than that without knowing what you're trying to accomplish and am surprised at having to recover balance after moving one room.

    Hope it helps a little conceptually.
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