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  • what are these badges...and how do i get them

  • what are these badges...and how do i get them
    Just click on people's profiles and find out what badges they have. I think it's like Achievements in XBOX Live or something.
    "Faded away like the stars in the morning,
     Losing their light in the glorious sun,
     Thus would we pass from this earth and its toiling,
     Only remembered for what we have done."

  • Think of them as marks of shame for spending too much time on the forums ;)
  • This thread seems to be stuck permanently as the first thread. No matter when the latest post is, it says it was on August 20th, so it always stays at the bottom of the thread list.
  • @Sena Well, it feels appropriate that it stays the first thread, doesn't it?
  • @Sarapis I suppose it does. It makes it hard to notice new posts though.
  • Antidas said:
    what are these badges...and how do i get them
    @Antidas You endorse my idea in Iocun's  Golden Dais discussion!
  • @Peak i have absolutely -no- idea what you are talking about. lol.

  • @Antidas Everything Achaea - The Golden Dais of Creation - Non-mark marks!

    10cr to buy a badge of the (something badass and achaea related)
    Are you sure? You go'n die.
    You are now wearing the badge of badassery, good luck being free pk.
    A loud ring is heard across the land as Kaep puts on a badge of badassery.(LET'S GET HIIIIIM!)

    Badge would show in honours and you would now show up on badgewho.

    Are you sure? This is not refundable and you may not wear the badge for at least one (achaean) year.
    You have removed the badge of badassery, stepping away from the bloodshed.
    A ringing echoes across the land as Kaep removes his badge of badassery. (Interesting thing to add)

    I say it should cost money so people don't just wear it for the extra honours line and so they don't try and remove it to avoid fighting one particular person/LOL U ATTACKED ME WITH NO CAUSE.(not saying very many people would, but just so they can't/won't)

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    Or join the Mark.

    If I didn't have the idea, it's probably a bad one.
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