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So I decided I should pick up an alternate system, such as Mudlet, sooner rather than later to reduce the discomfort of switching over. This being said, I'm an idiot (when it comes to scripting). Is there a clan IG I can join to gather assistance, or is someone willing to subject volunteer themselves to trying to help me through whatever channels works best? I can learn somewhat from online guides, but as a newb/idiot, there's only so much I can understand from it without ceaselessly getting clarification from more knowledgable, experienced people.


I'm looking for a Mudlet scripter to attach myself to like a leech, so that I may learn your wisdom and knowledge.


  • If you haven't already found this out, there's a Mudlet clan in-game. Take a look at CLHELP MUDLET and ask anybody you know on the 'People who can invite' list.
  • The People who can invite list isn't publicly visible. The only visible part is:

    A clan for Mudlet users of Achaea - scripting help, support, random talk
    and etc.

    For invites, ask any member of the clan or these people individually:
    Mosr, Erasariel.

    The Ice Lord of Mudlet Clan is Sir Vadimuses Xanatov.
  • Anyone in the clan can invite.
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    Is there a way to restore the main window to its original size once it's been resized?

    EDIT:  and what is its original height and width?

    EDIT:  I found that I could use setMainWindowSize(firstnumber,secondnumber) but it still won't "take back" the portion from the Geyser chat plugin I'd uninstalled.  Bah.

    EDIT:  aha, finally, deleting recent files under C:\Users\Jules\.config\mudlet\profiles\Achaea\current  restored me to an earlier profile and the main window is its original size again.  Nice. 

  • Is there a way to make user windows that scroll?  It looks like it was something being discussed to be implemented at a future date, but not sure if the capability is there somewhere now?
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