Inking Stencils with SVOF?

KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
When I try to go to ink stencils, it tries to ink tattoos instead. Is there a way to ink stencils without having to disable the system?


  • Just delete the svof inking. It's useless.

  • I just made aliases to ink them and it doesn't interfere.
    Give us -real- shop logs! Not another misinterpretation of features we ask for, turned into something that either doesn't help at all, or doesn't remotely resemble what we wanted to begin with.


    Current position of some of the playerbase, instead of expressing a desire to fix problems:

    Vhaynna: "Honest question - if you don't like Achaea or the current admin, why do you even bother playing?"

  • You can just put a space before the ink command.

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