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Skeleton Key- Waste Not Want Not

AstarodAstarod Member Posts: 447 ✭✭✭✭ - Eminent
edited September 9 in North of Thera
So apparently, when you make a skeleton key, like so: 

Sorting through several bloodied fingers, you select one of acceptable length. Taking up a skinning knife, you peel away flesh with deft strokes, stripping it to the bone. With practised strokes of the knife, you carefully whittle away at the crimson-stained bone, delicately carving the piece into an intricate scrimshaw key.

You don't even need 4 of the 5 fingers apparently! I feel like the whole 'needing five fingers' process to getting this message is a bit.. flawed? It feels like the only reason you even need 5 is so that this success message makes sense. 

The topic I think I'm trying to post is.. is there any way we could perhaps change the way skeleton keys work? This is a really cool concept and I'm not asking for their acquisition to be easier per-se, however, I think a lot of cool different methods would be something a lot of us seafarers would be into. 

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