Tension and Atmosphere in Achaea

RyxRyx North of Northreach
With it coming up a lot, I think this could be a fun discussion.

What are some elements of tension or atmosphere in Achaea that you enjoy? What would you like to see? What could be improved? Did these elements draw you to Achaea or keep you around? Were there any elements you didn't expect when you joined?

I think this sort of thing is a strength of MUDs over other genres, and I'm curious what you think.


  • For me, it's unpredictability and emergent gameplay.  Things I can use to drive my character's story.  If there is no risk or threat beyond the risk of being in a factional city, it will be bland.  There needs to be many types of adversity and conflict.
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    Leadership has been interesting. I did it a fair bit in Imperian and Lusternia, but it's a bit different when the population/activity in general is higher.
    My only change that I've really seen, would be some way to force an Oligarchy change when one of them doesn't really login at all, and refuses to step down to their successor.

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