Taleila MIA?

So, as many of you know, Taleila has been MIA for... at least a week now. I just checked my messages from my phone, as I don't currently have access to my computer at the moment (and likely won't for a few more days), but I discovered that several people are really concerned that I've stopped playing. I have not. I just wanted to reassure everyone that I will be back (likely soon), I've just got some big and unexpected things going on in my life right now... the biggest of which was starting a new anti-depressant that was supposed to help me sleep, but only succeeded in making me have a giant almost two week gap in my memory before landing me in the mental health ward of my local hospital last Friday, after giving several people a huge scare. I'm not really up for going into great detail, but I just got released from the hospital today (Friday afternoon on the 9th) and have a lot of things I need to get taken care of before I can actively return to gaming, as I've decided it best to place my child in the temporary custody of my brother and sister-in-law, and need to take care of everything that goes along with the legal side of that, while I continue to get my own life in order. 

Depression is real, guys, and it's a killer. Don't try to go it alone, and don't try to hide it. Get help if you need it, and trust that people will have your back.

Taleila will be back soon. Real life is way more important, and I have to focus on that for just a little while longer, before i can relax and actually enjoy the game again.

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