Serpent, that STD



  • Flipping Antidas. =(

    On second thought just delete the class because everyone just buys L3 bows and that is boring.
  • Cure illusions are also some of the most interesting, yet most situational illusions to use and require quite a good understanding of curing mechanics, as well as careful observation of your opponent, to use successfully.

    Many illusions don't just "work" or "not work". They will work under certain conditions, requiring you to either spot those conditions, or to create them in the first place.
  • Dunn said:

    Unartied it's certainly difficult and defeated easily. I just hope that in the future it gets fixed so that it's not so reliant on having a thoth's fang as it's already being handicapped by the evolution of systems.
    It's mechanics like this that make me lose faith in Achaea combat. That a class requires a level2 or level3 artifact in order to be viable...sigh.
  • Honestly, systems don't really mean much, people will cure on a queue in every system, your job is just to provide a situation where their system will in %age chance not be able to cure out of something. While most things are reproducible, vs the right queues you ARE relying on a %age chance to get a lock, but if you don't understand what you're doing, how the curing can possibly work, you won't understand why something does or does not work. For example I see a lot of people spamming paralysis illusions that work then try to lock kalmia/gecko (impatience) slike/curare and dont understand why it doesn't work, it's because the bloodroot can cure gecko and you lose slickness.

    Serpent DOES need a few fixes:
    Sileris application is pretty stupid right now, I don't see why the counter is not reset if people reapply sileris without the defence having come up after a first application.
    BIGGEST FIX: Bites NEED to be marginally and consistently faster than herb balance like it used to be.
    Hypno could use some work, maybe speed up ticks by 25% (3s instead of 4s) between afflicts.
    Either Lifevision OR Talisman of Obfuscation really has to be fixed, Lifevision is literally anti-unartied serpent.

    The reason serpents have shrugging is purely for one reason, if a serpent goes up against someone with for example 259 speed rapiers like lots of people are toting around these days, the serpent will have -zero- offense vs them and since serpent is a lot of timing based the hinder from that will throw the serpent off badly. I'd be happy enough if serpent offense didn't get hindered consistently by paralysis/epteth at the cost of shrugging.

    With those fixes serpent will do well, unartied or artied, vs most people.

    I think the problem here is everyone is using illusions as more or less the most important part of their offense, illusions are support for dstab and more importantly bite, and should be used as such.

    @Antonius: That is like the most weakest way to use illusions and the problem is everyone is relying on illusions like that, what happens is when most of the bugs get tweaked serpents complain that illusions are too weak but before that people will complain that illusions are too strong, but vs the right queues illusions like that should not really have a consistent effect enough to get you locked especially considering a lot of afflictions can easily be checked before accepted as real. 

    The sad truth is, if you're using someone else's system and don't have even the most basic understanding of it, you will not understand why the illusions work and therefore can't fix it therefore you shouldnt really be judging illusions as a skill to be strong or weak on that basis.


  • But with noone in the class knowing what they're doing these days any changes made will hardly make a noticeable impact at this time.


  • I read like the first 3 sentences of the OP.

    Yes, your could die to these Serps. Or just walk out of the room.
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    @Jarrel: Hey, we may not be as good as some ex-serpents around these parts, but that doesn't mean we're complete idiots who can't appreciate a sensible change here and there!

    And if we only ever made changes for classes that have top tier members, we'd only be updating about three or four classes, all in all :P
  • I talked to Jarrel and Tanris and they changed my life.

    By that I mean they sold me LSD.
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