Magi Staff customisation

I'm thinking about how I want mine to look- can I see your fun customizations of your staffs? :)


  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo

    APPEARANCE: an ice-wrought staff of Sllshyan magery.

    DROPPED:  Wintry whorls wreathe themselves about the crystalline staff of an ice mage

    EXAMINED: Tethering the line between restrained elegance and overt display, this multifaceted crystalline instrument spans about five feet. Wrought entirely from elemental ice, the staff is nonetheless heavily ornamented with a scattering of piscine scales and wintry motifs cast in glimmering silver. Crowning the apex is an elaborate rendition of a rampaging, nine-headed hydra, the beast of Sllshya carved from the very ice of the staff and marked with the cold, wintry light of the glyph of Water. Dressed with ostentatious detail, five of the draconic heads surge every which way in a veritable maelstrom of rending fangs and frozen waves. Three coil and twist upon themselves, forming a frosty prison where jade, sapphire, and ruby abide, the muted stones engraved with the glyphs of Earth, Air, and Fire. A last one lunges upward in a solitary but triumphant scream. By contrast, near the bottom is a more innocuous and diminutive embellishment: An oblong heraldic seal, framed with flourishes of copper wire and silver highlights, bearing the countenance of the Cetan against a backdrop of the Alcazar. Beyond, the staff tapers into an elongated and rather blunted point not unlike a weathered stalactite.

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  • Taryius said:
    Sure! Mines a bit of a weird one, probably not anywhere near the flavour you're considering. It's made from the corrupted, blood-seeping tree at Mhaldor's Avenue of Trapped Souls.

    APPEARANCE: a withered staff of skeletal wood.

    DROPPED: Profaning its environs, a withered staff lies upon the ground.

    EXAMINED: Hewn from the skeletal remains of a long-dead tree, this staff reaches nearly five feet in length
    . A viscous, blood-red substance seeps from the porous surface of the wood, filling the air with 
    a sharp, metallic scent. The withered staff ascends from a splintered base, contorting in 
    surmised agony all along its length. The staff terminates with a mass of ashen tendrils that 
    twist together into the likeness of a human skull, an ominous crimson glow pulsing from within 
    the hollow sockets.

    WIELD: You begin to wield a withered staff of skeletal wood in your right hand.
    The eerie creak of tortured wood fills the air as the tendrils atop a withered staff of skeletal
    wood momentarily writhe and churn.

    UNWIELD: You cease wielding a withered staff of skeletal wood in your right hand.
    Dead silence accompanies the ominous stillness of a withered staff of skeletal wood as it departs
    from its master's grasp.
    This is so cool! (I'm more looking for the scope of what is possible and to admire others customisations than for specific inspiration :smile: )

  • Usually anything is possible if you can pay for it. The more complex you want your staff the higher the price goes. You just cant have anything Divine related or comes from the aspect of Divines(without the Divines permission, bloodsteel, moonsilver), it has be be made of something that allows a staff to corporeal (no shifting staff of mist or something). Normally if you have a question about customizations you can always email and they are very helpful in answering. Good luck on your design!
  • I mean they allowed someone to make a shield/sword out of water ... Not ice. Liquid water...

  • I have a few questions- does a customised staff follow the same rules as an uncustomised one re: you cast a new one every 15 days, or do you need to add nondecay and resetting to the staff?

  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    You need to add at least nondecay since every cast staff will be a new one with default desc. 

    And you won't understand the cause of your grief...

    ...But you'll always follow the voices beneath.

  • Ideally you want resetting, as well, because if you don't you're fucked if you lose it.

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