I have Achaea credits and want your Lusternia ones!


Wasn't 100% sure where to post this, but I have 690 credits in Achaea and would like to trade them for Lusternia ones (hopefully 1:1, but open to offers!).
You can best contact me via the forums here.


  • Bumping this~ would really like to get rid of credits. Happy to receive 500 Lusternia credits for the 690 Achaea ones. Open to other offers.
  • Bump bump!
  • I've got about 26 M gold on Lusternia that we could work a trade for but no unbound credits. Feel free to contact me on Achaea.
  • Not sure if this is still active, but I have a plethora of Wondercrystals in Lusternia that I would be willing to trade for gold or credits in Achaea.
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