Eleusis-Hashan War: Aftermath



  • Pixy said:
    Myrddin said:
    I thought it was a tremendous effoyea the ebemying t on both parts, and enjoyed being able to be part in many firsts for myself. I think Eleusis did amazing being able to get some to rally to their cause while Hashan had to face many variables.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Eleusis auto-enemying just because people were from Hashan even though no aggression was made from them, but I get it. However, I think it frightened some new players away that joined the City in the time of war.
    yea the enemying people thing was a bit much imo, considering that even fresh novices were being enemied if they joined hashan out of the pygmy duengons
    If you want to see things get toxic, it's when people start multiplaying/alting to gain advantage and easy ins into enemy cities. I get that for true newbies it could be rather confusing, but blanket enemying avoids a lot of other potentially unwanted problems. It's something we're resolving on the backend though. People just have to request it and as long as they haven't offended, their enemy status will be lifted.
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