Crafting The Future!

As was teased in the most recent Announce news post heralding the start of July, we want to open up a new conversation about the development of our next big project!

So to spoil the surprise....

We're going to be adding three new tradeskills in September!

One of these can be design-based (like tailoring, cooking, etc), but it doesn't have to be! The other two will be more akin to our standard tradeskills.

Until July 14th, this thread is the place to make your tradeskill suggestions!

Feel free to elaborate a little bit on your idea, but for the sake of not wasting effort, keep it to less than 4 sentences. It's never fun to pour your heart and soul into a giant proposal just to be told "No."

After July 14th we'll decide on the three tradeskills we want to go ahead with!

Then we'll open the conversation back up to help refine the successful ideas!

So, for the next two weeks, get your suggestions in, ask any questions you have! Please keep it constructive, I will be deleting all derailing and non-useful posts, this is not the thread for memes, rants, pictures, or general chatter. Nor is this the place for demanding or suggesting changes to existing tradeskills, let's keep it focussed!

We're excited to hear what you come up with!



  • Bombs.
  • Tobacco stuff would be interesting, same with alcohol, both could be a minor non design based tradeskill, with something like what others have mentioned being able to make different kinds of bags/satchels/scabbards and the like being a more design based trade
  • Throwing support between leatherworking (container making) and libations (booze, cocktails, teas, sparkling water, etc.)

  • ShirszaeShirszae Santo Domingo
    I would love either leatherwork for stuff like baldrics, satchels and the like, or designing of drinks.

    Paintings would be nice too, but dunno how that'd work with the Scarlattans. 

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  • I like
    the booze brew idea, a good design based tradeskill
    the painting idea, maybe include clay or other types of mediums like drawing, this could be like forging and have different descriptors you can mix n match

    the pouches and packs idea could be new addons to the current tailoring system

    possibly a way to gain comms still sold in commshops like rope, laquer, chop wood, and so on
  • RyxRyx North of Northreach
    Minipet breeding.
  • I'm going to have to join the general consensus and say give us brewing. Let us make our own alcoholic drinks! More lessons into it allows for even stronger drinks! Let the masters even be able to brew something close to the level of alcohol potency as Fairy Nectar. 
  • Sophi said:
    I don't have a good name but a tradeskill that would allow us to craft bags, satchels, pouches, scabbards, sheaths, and other things that hold things. I guess this would be a design-based one.
    So much this. I want to create my own baldric please!!!!
  • I'll throw my full support behind the painting/drawing/artistry idea and the bookbinding idea. As a twist on some of the ideas already given, I want to be able to make unique versions of the bazaar items - vials, packs, etc...
  • SkyeSkye The Duchess Bellatere
    Gilliam said:

    I think a tradeskill for this would require more meat like shifting other explosive-based abilities / items over like firecrackers, fireworks, flares... And then you start asking why you can't have items that create rubble / destroy walls with explosives. >>

  • SophiSophi Rally Point
    Andraste said:
    Archaeology! A hybrid of quest and gathering in order to gather relics which can provide special items of power, racial or cultural languages, or treasures/trophies. Dig up items based on tips from quest givers or searching certain ruins for items of significance.

    Woodworking, a way for people to gather wood, fletching arrows, bowmaking, staffmaking, spin off certain items from armoursmithing and weaponry, carpentry to aide in a bonus or discount to wood costs of building player housing or shipbuilding.

    Naturalism - kind of a hybrid of woodlore and survival. Ability to skin certain animals, tanning, and making of leather armors. Ability to distill plants into tinctures and extracts which act as flasks. Only one flask can be usable at once but can provide significant boosts such as +1 to a chosen stat, critical bonus, experience boosts at high levels.

    Gemcutting - think of Diablo. Although quite similar to paragons, could be used in armours or weapons for specific boons or bonuses. Digging up items. Refining alchemy type minerals into gemstones which can then be cut into various qualities based on skill level. Also a dump for high quantities of minerals. These gems can be socketed in sockets of various colours which correlate with different colour gems that provide boosts to resistances or small stat bonuses.
    I'm a little wary of some of these because of possible combat implications. 
    Naturalism to make flasks for DYEING CLOTHES AND STUFF would be awesome though!
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