Ryma's Guide to Atavian Wings

After doing some avian research, I have compiled this guide for roleplaying Atavian wings. Mostly writing this because I feel like it, and this is only for ideas into realistically roleplaying flight!

Soaring Wings
Soaring wings are based off eagle, hawk, vulture, corvid (ravens, crows, etc) wings. Some seabirds may fall into this category, but their soaring relies on the winds found seaside, so this might not be optimal for all circumstances if your Atavian's wings are based off seabirds.

* These birds have the unique ability to lock the positions of their wings using a tendon. Some non-soaring birds can do this too, I believe.
* As their name suggests, they usually fly via soaring on warm air currents.
* They can beat (flap) their wings, of course, but they usually don't do this often.
* They have high endurance, but normally don't fly quickly.

Diving Wings
Diving wings may represent some seabirds (like cormorants, pelicans, frigatebirds, etc) as well as ospreys and falcons.

* These birds have streamlined wings and dive faster than arrows, in some cases!
* They also are quick on a level angle, but this speed is no match for the terminal velocity they possess at a stoop (dive).
* Their stamina isn't as great as a soaring bird.
* They beat their wings more often than soaring birds.

If you have requests for other types of wings, please let me know and I'll do research for tips on roleplaying them!

THESE ARE IDEAS. They aren't mandatory, just tips if you want to roleplay immersively! ((Please, I don't want to come off wrong!))

Also, if this is the wrong place please let me know!

Sorry if this was posted before.
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