Hunters and Prey

First and foremost, a big, biiiig shoutout to @Keorin with the idea for this from the Seleucarian Games archery contest! Truth be told, this is pretty much 90% all her ideas and work.

After participating in the archery contest last night and seeing everything that was going on with it, I thought "You know what? This would make a great special-arena game if we had the system for it." Thus, I hastily threw this together!

I don't think think it would fit in a standard arena format well, so it may need to be put into a special arena, kind of like ship races. Additionally, I don't know how difficult it would be for the Coderlani to cut off abilities and instead tie them to items, so I apologize to you guys if I'm dumping a truckload on the table instead of setting down an, admittedly, hefty plate.

What is Hunter and Prey?

Hunter and Prey is a special event game that pits two teams against each other in a special arena. Members of the Hunter team are given bows and arrows with which to hunt members of the Prey team.

What's the goal?

Hunters: Your goal is to shoot as many Prey as possible. Points are awarded on an arrow striking your target, with bonus points awarded for kill shots.

Prey: Your goal is to avoid hunters as best you can, not get shot, and not die. Wily ways and tricksy tricks are needed!

Are there limitations?


For hunters, regardless of class, you will be given an event-only bow, but you will only be able to AIM WITH BOW AT <target> and SHOOT <target> with it (Don't worry about arrows, the bow is speeeciaaal and doesn't require them). AIMING will take slightly longer than it normally does. You will not have access to abilities such as PINSHOT or SNIPE.

For Prey, you will not have access to your class abilities. You won't be able to TRANSMUTE, ARROWCATCH, DODGE, DEFLECT, or anything else. To counter this though, you will be given an event-only broach. CLASP BROACH will heighten your senses to the point where you can dodge the next arrow, but like an animal acting on instinct, you will be afflicted with fear for a few seconds and flee in a random direction. You won't be able to CLASP BROACH more than once every 20 seconds, and the heightened senses benefit lasts for 5 seconds.

So who wins exactly?

The prize pool will be split 50/50 between Hunters and Prey.

On the Hunter team, the Hunter with the most successful shots will be awarded 60% of their prize pool, with another 20% going to the second runner up, and 10% going to the third runner up. The last 10% goes to the hunter with the most kill shots.

On the Prey team, the Prey that survived the longest and dodged the most arrows using their broach will win 60% of their prize pool, with 20% and 10% going to the runners up respectively. Another 10% goes to the Prey that survived the longest overall, and in the case of a tie, the prize is split evenly.

So for example, if there was a 200,000 gold prize pool, the awards would break down as follows:

1st: 60,000
2nd: 20,000
3rd: 10,000
Most Kill Shots: 10,000

1st: 60,000
2nd: 20,000
3rd: 10,000
Longest Survivors: 2 survivors survived the entire game, so they get 5,000 gold each.

Honorable mentions will be announced as well!

"Warden of the Orange Vest" will go to the Hunter that "accidentally" shot other Hunters the most.
"Back to the Butts" will go to the Hunter that missed the most shots.
"Grandest of Pincushions" goes to the Prey that was shot the most.
"Participant of Panic" goes to the Prey that spent the most time under the effect of fear.


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