The Lonely Gentleman's Guide to The Female Species

Welcome to a book Tahquil Illustrated IC after an off-hand comment about the tendencies of Sentrys. Thank you to everyone that let me bounce ideas off them and helped in the editting process. I still giggle every time I stumble on this in my inventory and I hope this makes you all laugh as well.

Page 3 - The Atavian Dancer
Precise sepia lines washed with light colours sketch out the figure of a beautiful atavian woman as she sits upon a dressing stool, the angle carefully chosen to emphasise all her best attributes. Ankles crossed, her shapely legs are clad in silk stockings, the dark lace top of one glimpsed through the slit of her nearly sheer dancing skirt. Her features are youthful and joyous, her dark hair bouncing with the mirth of her obvious mistake. She has tried to wear the wrong sweater, the soft green wool bunching on top of her mottled wings as she laughs for the reader. Despite attempts to pull the front of the garment down to keep herself modest, the soft curve of the bottom of her breast can still be seen.

Page 4 - The Tsol'aa Naturalist
Full lips pursed, the tsol'aa naturalist throws a 'come hither' look over her shoulder as she presses her palms against the coarse trunk of a convenient tree. Long locks tumble past her shoulders, a deep brunette that would vanish into the woodland if not for the pale, flawless skin of her bare back that narrows into a small waist and wide hips. Legs set apart, a well-placed fern leaf stretches across her round, shapely posterior, struggling to keep the image tasteful.

Page 5 - Dwarf Blacksmith
Taking brief respite from the intensity of the forge, this voluptuous dwarven maiden wipes sweat from her brow with a forearm as she playfully smiles for the reader. A pair of braids rest on her shoulders in an attempt to hold her frizzy red hair in check, though stray strands resist restrainment in the humid air of the smithy. The heat has also taken a toll on her choice of outfit: a tight and thin singlet slick with sweat clings to her overly ample bosom while her barely there skirt leaves little to the imagination.

Page 6 - Grook in a Candy Shop
Unlike any other illustration in this journal of questionable content, the slick grook woman has been framed on the page from the chest up. Pale yellow covers her soft throat and chest while vivid blue skin marked with black splotches on her head and shoulders tell of her potentially dangerous nature. With one of her dark bulbous eyes winking to the reader she licks a stick of rock candy, her absurdly long tongue wrapping about the hard length twice.

Page 7 - The Studious Xoran
With a comical expression of surprise, this xoran librarian delicately mouths 'oops' to the reader. Her long tail has unwittingly knocked over a stack of books, sending them tumbling to the ground. In her haste to see what new strife her no doubt mischievous tail has cause she has whipped quickly about. The swift movement has flared the skirt of her pale blue sundress enough to expose the ebony suspenders that keeps her stocking high on her copper scaled thighs.

Page 8 - The Human Drillmaster
Soft leather hugs every curve of this authoritative woman as stands with a hand on her hip and a wooden training sword over her shoulder. The tunic she wears is sinfully short with a plunging V neckline that shows off her capacious cleavage and a peek at the crimson brassiere responsible for its apparent abundance. A stray wind tugs her russet cloak wide and dishevels her long blonde locks giving her a wild and untamed aura. She stares at the reader with a raised eyebrow and a smug smirk, daring them to undertake her specialist training.

Page 9 - Troll Swamp Dweller
Wading out of the Mannaseh swamp, deep water laps the robust thighs of this commanding troll woman. Her clothing matches her primal race: undyed cotton fashions a rudimentary loincloth and matching halter, the scant attire unashamedly displaying her voluptuous, atheltic form. Rivulets of water run over the woman's grey-green skin, giving definition to her muscular, yet feminine, shape as she approaches the reader. Adding distinctly more sensual detail to the character is a thick braid of coarse midnight hair entwined with luminous swamp lillies.

Page 10 - The Playful Rajamalan
Sprawled out on her belly, the reader has to turn the small journal on its side to take in the beauty of this curious rajamalan. With nary a shred of clothing, the girl relies on her soft grey fur to keep her modest. White fur covers her paws, giving her a set of natural gloves and boots as her slender legs kick over her rear. Head tilted at a curious angle, she pokes the half unraveled ball of red yarn with an extended claw though it's clear with the strands already draped over her shoulder and forehead she knows exactly what it is for.


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  • I really got the wrong sort of troll in mind for Palusa after taking a peek at some denizen versions.
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    This took me way too long to understand.

    We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

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    Living up to your tsol name

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