No Brainer Trade

I would like to find someone to purchase the No Brainer Lesson Packages and Credit Package for me in exchange for in game credits. I'm offering 200 for the Credit Package and an additional 75 for the 2 lesson packages. Please drop me a DM if you happen to be interested. Thank you.


  • Still looking for this.
  • Got this done!
  • if anyone is willing/interested, i'd like to do something similar. i can offer 25 credits for a no brainer lesson thing, and 25 more for the second once i get enough. i have about 39 credits saved up so far. hit me up in achaea or here! am also on discord thanks!
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    got enough credits ^^ i can do 59 for both packs if anyones interested! 
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    it's been brought to my attention that I should make a post of my own... eh disregard what i said above.
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