GMCP Unveiler plugin for Mushclient - new version

Since I can't edit my old post from back in 2016, here's a new thread.

The GMCP Unveiler plugin takes the data captured by Soludra's GMCP plugin and makes it available to Mushclient's World script space.
The module stores current afflictions and defences in gmcp.my_affs and gmcp.my_defs, respectively. Other useful and relatively tested bits include gmcp_vitals table where the numerical part of Char.Vitals is tracked, and gmcp.my_rage for battlerage value.

You can find the code and installation instructions on github at:

To do:
-move all of the data into one table
-add functions to handle table access (add/remove/change/read) to make things more flexible with respect to name of the table
-test and integrate the remaining GMCP modules (e.g. Room, IRE.Rift)

PS: I just noticed Ammar's Oracle Plugin today. Glancing at the git, my plugin is probably better at tracking afflictions and defences while Oracle is probably better with everything else. I'm not sure what I'm going to do going forward.
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