Looking to do a loan+compensation!

Hi all,

I've been without a desktop for a while now, other than this thing that does the job ok for achaea (though it crashes a fair bit). Due to difficulties, playing games was one of the easiest ways for friends, family and especially my son to spend time together, so after a year of being without one that could play anything, I've started to push well past patience. I've been putting away money as I can, but I'd like to look for someone willing to do me a loan, that I could pay back over ~2months, either in full+10% or in full with credit reimbursement. I'd be looking for 1800 USD, or ~2500 AUD, to build a full system, with shipping, monitor, peripherals, desk and desk chair to be able to obviously play at. This wouldn't be amazeballs top of the line, but it'll cover all my bases and get me back to being able to have the little social time I get atm (still sniffing out social groups here, but a lot them are still 20 bucks of fuel each way,  plus any costs involved with events or meetups). Not trying to pull at any heartstrings, just thought I'd lay out why this is important is all.

It's not necessary to help out of course, atm I can save up wit tightened belt buckles in that ~6 week time, but I thought there might not be too much harm in asking to get something earlier (and no I won't go through loan places or even small loans for it, since Loan where I pay someone I like > saving >>>>> loans to pay dodgy loan sharks/banks). 

Thanks in advance, and I am absolutely indebted to anyone who helps out, but don't go out of your way! I've already roadmapped my savings, just thought this might be a workable solution if someone was well off enough to be fine with earning some credits or a bit of extra on their cash, plus help out this old sourpuss!

Thanks again!
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