Shaman damage

What all affects shaman damage? So, bleed against denizens and I guess vodun throttle? I assume intelligence and collars, though neither are listed in the help scroll for offensive arties. Also, do they scale much at all?


  • Throttle is the only Shaman ability that scales against players, and that's with intelligence.

    Bleed scales off of intelligence against denizens.

    Collar affects both, but Shaman bashing doesn't really need it to be top tier and you're likely better off cursing or hoping for an inflame in group melees.

    The usual adage of "Buy tankiness, then crit for bashing, then think about offensive stuff" for classes that don't really scale off of a weapon or diadem applies here.
  • Intelligence and collars will effect both bleed against denizens and vodun throttle, don't think anything else does. Collar will also not effect bleed versus players (I think?) because it doesn't deal direct damage then.

    As for the scaling, someone with more experience would need to chime in there.
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    Intelligence/collar also affects Arius Roar damage against denizen (which is the thing that bypasses shield). If for whatever reason you have 0 interest in doing PvP, going quick-witted with diadem and using this is perfectly viable for PvE as well. It's less damage than curse+jinx, but it's still fine if you really want to go that route. Regardless you should be using roar when denizens shield, since Shaman has no way to break shields beyond a hammer tattoo (classlead for breach on denizens has been rejected a few times now, unfortunately).
    Shaman's honestly one of the very few classes where artifacts don't make a tremendous difference on. It's a difference, certainly, but just going int racial spec is going to be fine for the most part. Easiest way to check the scaling would be to look here and compare it to your current numbers.

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