Char Background as a Tash'la Native

Hello everyone!

So I'm not able to play very often, and sometimes ony for short lengths, but I'm having a lot of fun with my Tash'la. I'd really like to be able to give him a more detailed native racial background, but unfortunately there just isn't a lot of information floating around about Tash'la for that. I have been to their little village in the Tree, I have read up on the help files that mention them (that I can find) and I've tried to find journals and books and so on that might mention more - but again, sadly, I just can't find that much. Many of the other people who play a Tash'la also don't have a lot more detail than I do for their character, usually because of similar restraints - or often because they just wanted the op con, hah hah.

So I was hoping I could get some input from the community at large, or if we're super lucky maybe someone on the inside who knows more might chime in. I'm looking for more in-depth information (any and all, really) on tribal structures, politics, more about their city that's mentioned, Qerstead, the ecology of their Plane (violet and gold prairies are mentioned, is that literal or poetic?).

Perhaps even family structure, common diet, delicacies, values, religion. So many, many questions. In an effort to keep this short and legible, I'll try to leave it at that. I really hope to get some feedback or perhaps someone knows someone who has some of this information. I don't mind finding and speaking to people IC or reading IC, however I'll reiterate that I have done this to the best that I have access to already, which is why I thought I'd ask here! Thanks to anyone who chimes in and offers some input and hopefully some answers!


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    Have you gone to see the Tash'la envoy in Nur? Maybe he could give you some info.
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  • Most of the races have a clan for sharing this kind of information as well as creating a sense of community. Has someone made one yet? If not,  you might consider starting one. 

  • Thanks for the feedback, guys! I will travel to Nur and see if I can meet the envoy and if he'll respond to me. I may look into clans and consider one, though I'm not sure I have enough information to make one viable. 

    I hope to hear more, and I'm still looking.
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