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Hello everyone,

I just made a runewarden in Ashtan and was wondering if I could get a few things clarified? I haven't played a mud since Aetolia years and years ago so I am a bit rusty on some things.

From what I have been reading on the forums, Runewarden seems the lest cost intensive class while still being a pretty good hunting one. Last class I played was Infernal so finding out a knight class isn't to expensive to run was a great relief.

I am still a bit unclear on which specialization to take... seems there is some debate on 2h out doing dwc? Only clear consensus is that SnB is a horrible one if you are planning to hunt a lot?

I will have the membership by the end of the month, as well as probably getting both the no-brainer lesson packages and the no-brainer credit package. That gives me 2k lessons plus 400 credits to spend starting out. While I may cash here and there as I can afford it, I probably won't ever be buying 2k credits at one time, most will be obtained through in game methods.

So my lesson plan is trans weaponmastery, runelore to armour (seems to be the general opinion), then trans avoidance. Is this correct or am I missing something else in there? My main goal is to hunt to dragon and then get into combat.

My current list of artifacts to obtain are:

-armor with I believe it is SoA? The absorption power.
-Crit pendant, unsure if I should do lvl 1 and upgrade later or just wait for lvl 2
-Hunters belt
-Ogre's gauntlets
-Wax stick encased in mithril
-A rough runestone
-Mayan bracelets
-Regen rings
-Sip rings.

Can someone advise on the order to obtain all that to maximize hunting and income of gold for future credits? Also, I have not found anything to determine if runes can be made artifact and if so... which ones would I need to focus on obtaining first?

The wax stick is because there is a rune listed in the help files that allows you to heal by sketching it on the ground, I assume some hunting locations are going to be in water areas, if this is a waste, please let me know and I can redistribute the credits elsewhere.

Also, please advise on any artifacts or items I may be missing that I should focus on getting as well.

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  • Forgot about mini skills, I will have to look those over and see which ones to grab based on where I hunt the most. Thank you.
  • KresslackKresslack Florida, United States
    Get a crit pendant, a sip ring, and the hunter's belt to start if you can, and then if you're going two-handed, get the lvl 1 greatsword (which can also now be obtained via giftboxes as a reward for Adventures). Crit pendant and Con are going to help a lot.

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