Milabar is getting surgery

You might know that Shawn (Milabar) has been battling cancer for a while now, and possibly don't know that it's been a bit of a struggle for him to afford it, while continuing to work during treatment. He's been managing but recently found out he's at the point where surgery is a viable option for him, giving him a solid chance of kicking the cancer's ass for good.

During this last conversation with his doctor he also found out they can get him in ridiculously soon (this weekend, 5/17) which means avoiding the typical months-long waiting period for this kind of surgery. 

However they require his portion of the copayment up front and he is roughly $1100 short of the total $2250 due. 

Surgery six or more months down the road is still an option if he can't afford it now, but it would be a shame not to do everything possible to get this opening.

So, I (with his permission!) am putting this out there via GoFundMe to give the Achaea community the option of chipping in toward his surgery costs. Many thanks to anyone who can contribute!

Here is the link:


  • Thank you again, everyone. I am blown away! Achaeans are like that, though -- this is a special group of people and many of you have been part of it for a long time. So thank you sincerely for pulling through for this cranky, somewhat insane grandpa. 😁

    Mila was able to schedule a withdrawal, though they say it could take several days to go through so we'll have to see if the timing works out. I'm leaving the campaign open for now for donations toward his post surgery expenses.
  • Why am I just now seeing this!? Praying for a speedy recovery, and @Milabar next time you pass through, make a request on what you want for dinner! I won't make a taco bar. Just name it if I can do it I will. 

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