Mudlet 3.20 - reworked timers, triggers area, added Clessidra

A reworked the timers subsystem & added remainingTime(), getTextFormat(), and Clessidra - an Italian game!

Featured game: Clessidra (Italian)

Clessidra is the first all Italian MUD ever created!

On Clessidra you may find only original Areas, all in Italian! Many features make Clessidra one of the best, or the best, MUD in Italy: Advanced travel mode, fight one to one versus your friend, or enemy, The Arena and its fight, the Mortal Challenge, the intelligent MOBs and their Quest and fighting style, a random automatic mission assignment and for you and your friends you must try the advanced Clan system that allows wars and conquest. A mercenary system to help playing when few players are online, a crafting system to create special object and a graphical user interface to help newbie and expert players have a better experience. A MUD that evolves with new challenge, new rules, new skills!

Clessidra's interface for Mudlet

Improved scripting editor

New by SlySven in the triggers section: you can now minimise the triggers section to take up less space on a small screen! If you're on a big screen, we've got improvements for you as well: you can pull down the trigger patterns to show more of them at once.

Links to help when you haven't selected any triggers/aliases/items have also been added.

Reworked timers subsystem

SlySven improved and fixed resetProfile() resetting timers in all profiles - now, it only resets timers in the profile it was used. resetProfile() also does not require text from the game to work anymore - it'll now work right away.

Get remaining time on timers

remainingTime(timer id number or name)
Returns the remaining time in floating point form in seconds (if it is active) for the timer (temporary or permanent) with the id number or the (first) one found with the name.

Thanks to CorTheWin for adding this to Mudlet!

Find out text formatting styles

SlySven added this function to get the current text format of selected window. With this function, you can check if text is bold or italic, underline or overline and anything else!

Fixed roomID's in the mapper

SlySven improved the room ID's in the mapper - they will now only be shown if they actually fit, and get bigger as you zoom in.


Thanks to all coders in this release! CorTheWin, Leris, keneanung, Sir-SmokeAlot, SlySven, and vadi2.

Thanks to all translators: Leris, Marco Tironi (wiploo), park, Stephen Lester (slester), and vadi2 for continuing to plug along and translating Mudlet!

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  • RoomId numbers are drawn better in 2D Mapper. They now are scaled, so that they fit the room symbol square, and are
    suppressed if they are too small to show.
  • Upgraded Mudlet Qt version from 5.10 to 5.12.2
  • Upgraded Mudlet Linux CI from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS
  • Sped up macOS CI builds


  • Fixed db:add() when adding timestamp

A lot of work went into 3.20. Join us to do more :)

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