Character Personality Developer Tool

To those here who like to do a bit of RP and character flavor development, I have a project that originally was made for Skyrim, a spreadsheet utility for generating various dimensions of a character's personality. It's come in handy for those who like to RP their characters in Skyrim. The thing is, in that kind of game, its mileage in appreciation can't really go as far as I think it might for a text-based rpg like Achaea. So I was wondering if something like this might get more use and appreciation here, if I took this and adapted it for Achaea character development.

Below is the link to the nexusmods page which showcases it, in its current form for Skyrim.
Would this be useful to you guys? Would anyone like this to be adapted to use here for in-game rp of any kind? Would love to hear what you think!


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