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Gift Boxes for Adventure Renown

KelhraeKelhrae Member Posts: 11
So looking over the gift box items in the help file. I am going to assume that what you get is random...? That being the case, and that you can't trade in the artefacts, is it going to give you an item that is completely useless to you? Like my guy is a runewarden, unless I decide to multiclass as a jester, I have no use for a blackjack, thus giving me an item with no point and no way of getting rid of it?

Any thoughts?


  • MakariosMakarios Administrator Posts: 1,917 Achaean staff
    Its not random, similar to the giftboxes from last months promotion (if you're familiar with those) it brings up a list of options you can select from. For example:

    open giftbox
    Select one of the options:
    1:                       A stone of the lesser lorewarden.
    2:                       A Gem of Rapid Transmutation.
    3:                       A Grimoire of Hasty Adaptation.
    4:                       A Girdle of Aegis.
    5:                       A pair of atavian wings.
    6:                       Ethereal Boots.
    7:                       A pair of Logosian Gauntlets.
    8:                       A Sash of Caymus.
    9:                       A Logosian ring.
    10:                      A ring of Lunastra.
    You open a giftbox bearing a platinum ribbon and triumphantly pull a stone of the lesser lorewarden from within!

  • KelhraeKelhrae Member Posts: 11
    Oh no, I didn't know about the giftboxes from last month. So I can actually decide what items I want based upon my character. Sweet. Thanks for the clarification @Makarios
  • DynosDynos Member Posts: 25 ✭✭ - Stalwart
    Thanks for the info @Makarios

    Question-  though these pieces can't be traded in- since they are level 1's, can they be upgraded?
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